November 4th, 2004


Calling all Brits

Anybody from the UK want to join u2uk, a new community aimed at bringing together British U2 fans on LJ?  At the moment it's not much to look at, but I'd like to at least find out if there's any interest. It's really hard to find other UK fans on here, which is partly why I've set this up - to find out just how many there are. :)  Cheers!

(I don't really want to go spamming other communities with this promo, so if you know someone who doesn't read this but might be interested, please do pass it on.)
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Is it just me...

... or is "Red Light" the worst thing U2 have ever subjected upon the world?

There are other songs I don't care for, whether they're boring (a few middling tracks on "October," or "Grace" from ATYCLB), or kind-of-interesting-but-ultimately-not-up-to-par ("Miami," "Some Days Are Better Than Others").

But I can think of no other U2 song that is as annoying and just plain bad as "Red Light," even if you took away those irritating backup singers.

Is it just me?