November 5th, 2004

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anyone know the best way to secure u2 tickets for the next tour? previously i was a member of propaganda, but i think its either a.) no longer around, or b.) i'm just not a member anymore. not sure!

but i know they let members order tickets first, etc. anyone know any info about it?!

i read on interference they'll be playing SNL NOV 20th. hot.

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Woa. Ok, it's natural for U2 to redo their web site, what with the new album and all, but why did they get rid of all the lyrics? At least I can't find them anywhere any more... that was beautiful! Lyrics for every song they ever wrote - the lyrics are the most amazing part.

And also, I don't see how to join the mailing list or street team/fan club anymore.

AND I couldn't scroll down at all either.

This all makes me sad.
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I've just seen the entire video of Gloria for the very first time and realised that the enire thing was shot in the canal behind Hanover Quay; in fact you can even see the building that was to house their studios so many years later.

Coincidence maybe or did they plan already at that stage to become the biggest rock group of the world?? ;)

Just my two pence to the video and furthermore I hadn't read about this fact yet
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The Talk of Propaganda

An email is revealing that a forum member inquired to Propaganda about the status of those who had a membership with the magazine and their future with ticket sales, etc. A letter should be sent out in the next couple of weeks to members with a current (i.e. prior to the closing) status in the next two weeks.

Just thought I'd post it because of the recent concerns addressed here.