November 8th, 2004

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Long Way Round

I am currently watching "Long Way Round" on BRAVO, which is a show with Ewan McGregor doing a motorcycle trip through most of Europe over about three months.

After visiting the Chernobyl children's hospital near Kiev, he and his friend are spending the night in the house of some Ukranian businessman named Igor. He offered Ewan a guitar to play. He picks it up and starts playing and singing Running to Stand Still.

It made me smile. :)
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Here's a video (in .wmv format) of Ewan McGregor performing U2's "Running to Stand Still" from the second episode of Long Way Round.

Alternate links in case the first one exceeds bandwidth:
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You know, I understand dismay over the $349 price tag for the U2 iPod. It's a lot of money. I definitely understand the disappointment that nothing's being pre-loaded on it. But I've seen some wailing and gnashing of teeth over this whole thing that I don't understand.

It's an iPod. They're not cheap. This does not mean that U2 is out to bleed every penny from their fans. They're not going to start charging hundreds of dollars for their concert tickets (yes, I understand scalpers might, but that's their doing, not U2's).

Think of it this way: if U2 teamed up with Mercedes-Benz to put out a U2-themed Mercedes, would you expect it to be only $5,000? No. It would be around the same price as a non-U2 Mercedes. You know - pricey. ;-)

I understand the collector's need to have anything U2-related. But sometimes you just have to let it go. Save your pennies, or wait a while and find a used one, but the world is not ending.

Repeat: The World Is Not Ending.

It's a piece of electronics that just happens to have their autographs on the back. Fake autographs, at that. And a poster. What else is U2-related about it? Certainly not the color scheme. The coupon for the online box set? If you're worried that you must have every U2-related item that's for sale, heck, you already have all those songs!

If you don't want to spend that much, you're really not missing out on much. Relax. Breathe. It'll all be all right.

And hey! New album in two weeks and one day! Now THAT'S worth getting all het up about. ;-)
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turned on the tv a bit ago and today was on... ellen degeneres was on and she was being asked about her show and all the celebrities she's had on it...she said she really wants to have bono and u2 on :)
not a huge fan of hers, but that was nice to see.
U2 is love

U2 in Rolling Stone

U2 is in the new issue of Rolling Stone.
Article about the new album and the ipod.
Also, they do a review of the book, Killing Bono.

Eminem is on the cover.
It's issue 962, November 25, 2004.

in case anyone is interested...
Trampolining Elephant Ahoy!

Interesting News Story...

Pirated U2 album hits Internet
Illicit copies available on file-sharing networks throw official release of new album into question.

LONDON (Reuters)
- Pirated versions of U2's new album "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" have emerged on Internet file-sharing networks two weeks before it goes on sale, throwing into question its official release date.

A London spokeswoman for the band on Monday would only say that U2 was aware of the illicit copies, but that no decision had yet been made on changing the release date. (Click Here)