November 11th, 2004

over THERE!
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Australia - HTDAAB on the radio today!

For Melbournians (at least)...Nova100 (100.3FM) has sent out an email saying that they will play the entire new U2 album track by track this afternoon from 4pm (And this time they have legal permission to do so)!

So tune in if you can! I can't...cause I'm at work until 5pm! GRR! Very annoyed.

I wonder if this is a result of the internet leakage of the album...?

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bill cosby

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i live in boston. thanks 2 this site, i found out about the station out in chicago (WXRT) who r playin HTDAAB..i jus went to there site n i am listein 2 a kick ass song.

i cant friggin wait 4 this album
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Okay, guys.  I need help.  I've been trying to download HTDAAB for days now.  The result?  Kazaa and I are locked in what appears to be an endless power struggle.

If any of you have the entire album and would be charitable enough to send it my way, I would be eternally greatful.  Feel free to email or contact me via AIM.  Thanks!
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Crooked Halo

Anyone Game?

Please will someone make some kick ass icons for this community?? Lend us your icon talent.... purty please?

If too many are made (there is room for 15) then we can set up a poll and choose the favs. =)

We would really really really really really appreciate it!

Oh yeah and Happy 11/11 everyone ;)

Oh yeahhhh

Oh you know you're gonna love me for this one!!!

Oh, dear friends of dave-fm.

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Jenny Lewis - Smile


Thanks to melst over at u2mp3s, I have now gotten to hear "Mercy", a song I'm really, really loving. The lyrics are gorgeous, but I'm not 100% sure on them all. I've written out what I've been able to decipher, but I want you guys to help me out if you think I've got stuff wrong.

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If you haven't heard the song, you can download it here.
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My Backwork

chicago radio

Edited post from redsoxnut545

"jus a reminder that at 9pm central time, 93 WXRT ( will b playin HTDAAB in its entirety (in case u missed it earlier). im listenin 2 it on the radio since im in boston. enjoy!
nov 23 cant come soon enough

wen the page first opens up, it is on the bottom left hand corner. it says 'listen live' n then the pic changes to sumtin bout AOL supporting it. its rite there on the bottom left hand corner!!!"

((( I edited this post and took out the "What Zodiac Sign Are You Attracted To?" quiz reult that was right in the middle of it. Once *again*, to anyone who doesn't know, do NOT post quiz results in the community - unless they are put behind a descriptive cut tag saying exactly what the nature of the quiz is about. Read the community info page, ok?)))
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Bono Wins Hall of Fame Gong and Says He 'Hates' It (lmgdao!!!)

Bono Wins Hall of Fame Gong and Says He 'Hates' It

Thu Nov 11, 8:32 PM ET  Entertainment - Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) - Bono, lead singer of Irish rock band U2, was handed an award inducting him into the UK Music Hall of Fame. Minutes later the reluctant recipient joked that he was tempted to hand it back.   

After an evening of glamour and gloss Thursday to launch the inaugural awards chosen by the British public, the frontman quipped: "I want to go and kill myself now.

"I really didn't want to come," he told Reuters Television.

"Only respect for the people who were running the show has me here. I hate the idea of being in the UK Hall of Fame to be honest with you ... We don't want to be in any Hall of Fame until we're retired or dead."

U2, which is launching a new album "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb," was one of five acts named as founding members of the new institution along with Madonna (news - web sites), Bob Marley, the Beatles and Elvis Presley.

British singer Cliff Richard (news) and The Shadows won the award for the 1950s, the Rolling Stones the 1960s, Queen the 1970s, Michael Jackson (news) the 1980s and Robbie Williams (news) the 1990s.

"It's not another award," Madonna told Reuters. "I think I'm in very good company. I'm honored to be part of that group."
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