November 12th, 2004

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“”Fast Cars” will be included on
* ALL box set versions of the album worldwide
* the deluxe CD & DVD set in the UK, Ireland, and Japan
* the standard CD in the UK, Ireland, and Japan
* the vinyl”


So... it will be on the collector’s edition version? Is that what “all box set versions” means?
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I just listened to Original Species and Miracle. Very nice albeit unexpected. TOS reminds me of Stay! a little and Miracle reminds me of Kite. Hmmm.... *drool* I can't wait... just can;t!!! COME ON AMAZON SHIP IT ALREADY!
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I respectfully request that anyone who has heard How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb would either refrain from talking about it on the community or put it behind a labeled cut. I want to wait until the album comes out before I hear or know anything about the music, at least what has not already been properly released (widespread, at least). I have spoken with others in this community who feel the same way. I appreciate it in advance.

Go me!!!

Can I just say that I am so proud of myself right now. Two radio stations have played HTDAAB in Melbourne this week and I've deliberatelymissed both of them.

(Just so you know, if I hadn't made a promise to myself ages ago that I wouldn't listen to the album until it came out, I would have been the first one downloading it. Think of it as a test of self-will)
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A Special Request

Hi Ya's

We know people are going to talk about the new album. The album is being played on radio stations and is being streamed on mainstream web sites. BIG web sites, not just our fan sites. The album made me fall head over heels in love with the band again...HARD! And I know that if I want to, or have to scream it out, nothing will be able to restrain me from doing so. I am one sappy U2 fool. =)

Anyway.... for those of us who have heard the album and LOVE the album (or are possibly disappointed with it).... let us be as courteous as we possibly can to those fans who choose not to listen to the cd until it's release date.

PLEASE put any lyrics or big album spoilers, such as song discussions like "my fav's on the new cd are"..... etc..etc.. *behind* a cut tag marked with "ALBUM SPOILER"

The proper way to use the cut tag is in the FAQ, on this very page. Click me and learn. You know, as long as I've been a member of various U2 forums (since 1996/97) it *is* proper etiquette to do that. NG's, Wire (the *original*), Rewired, AOL boards, etc etc etc..... and so now -- here.

To the folks who choose not to listen and will appreciate the "spoiler" cut tag... Nicky, Annie, Janine and myself just want you to know that no matter what we (or anyone) request here people do not always do or appreciate what we (or anyone) has asked. They might decide to be total butt wipes and post a who new set of song lyrics just to make people feel bad. Then they will retort with us mods being referred to as "anal retentive assholes" when we remove the post. Be aware that in any community there will be trolls. Be aware that right now you will pretty much have to go into seclusion to not see something about the new cd that might spoil it for you. =\

We just want everyone here to be happy.

Ok... so I am done with that. I guess this is something that should have been brought up the very day the album leaked.

Thanks to johnny_ever for posting about this earlier.