November 19th, 2004

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Ok this is going to be a really flaky entry because i dont really know what im talking about, but i know you guys will so
What is this concert that i kept hearing people refer to today where either u2 or maybe just bono was singing and joining him on stage was Andre Boccelli and Povoritti, im sure it was probley for a fund raiser or something along those lines but i heard that its not availible on cd only through i-pod or some other kind of technology i know nothing about and will never own, if you have any clue what i am referring to please help me out and inlighten me, ive had a bad day sorry about the rambling. : )

ps it was being discussed on the radio today, and i know what im talking about had nothing to do with clintons library thing.

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Hey people! there was an aticle about idol franchise and U2 was mentioned
quoting from the article:
"And, personally, I'm annoyed with how U2 gets weirder and weirder with each year. Thanks to lead singer/activist/wanker Bono, the guys look more like four circus freaks and sound less and less like they did at their Joshua Tree peak of the late 80s. But, objectively, one has to give them credit for staying in the game and moving records off shelves- even if they've traded "great" for merely "good"."
found here
its on the second page 2nd paragraph.

heh people these days! btw this article is from a local paper and Im from Singapore :)
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I think there's something wrong with me. I'm just not excited for this new album anymore. I could very easily get a copy of it off the Internet, but I felt that since this month has been so stressful, I wanted something to look forward to at the end of November. But now that the album's leaked all over the Internet and everybody and their mom owns it now... it just doesn't feel exciting anymore, like there's not going to be anybody left to share my excitement with on Tuesday. I've been counting down the days for this album since September, and at this point it almost doesn't seem worth buying. :(

::prays for mercy from the gods up above for my evil blasphemy::
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I am sure this has probably been asked but I looked and found nothing. Does anyone know how much "The Complete U2" will cost (separately from the ipod of course) I need to save my money and need to know how much to save.

Thanks! :)


Hi everyone. I'm new to this community. I'm also a fairly new U2 fan. I just got really into them over this past year (I know, a late bloomer). Their music really speaks to me. It makes me feel so inspired and so many other emotions. I get sappy just talking about them. :)

But anyway, to the introduction...I'm a 20-year-old college student, vegan, liberal, and married. *waves*

new. need something.

know what i would absolutely love...

a screen cap of the vertigo ipod commercial when larry goes "hola!" so i can make my own larry mullen "hola!" icon. because that part of the commercial just makes my day better.

so if anyone knows where i can get screen caps of that ad, help me out (:

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Okay. I know MTV has lied a lot about when "U2 Makes a Video" was going to be aired.
but I was just on MTV2's website...
1. It says U2 Makes a Video will be on at 9:30 tonight!
2. right after that...Viewer's Choice: U2's greatest: viewers vote online for favorite U2 video.
go to: and vote for your favorite video!

but im really hoping they arent lying and are actually going to air U2 Makes a Video.

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U2 jsut performed on TOTP, for anyone who's interested - they must have recorded it earlier in the week, as it's not the performance from the live set.
I don't know if anyone's watching it, but they did a great zoom in of Larry who's drumming was totally lifeless :)

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Does anyone have any current pics of the 'boy' on U2's albums?

Isn't he Guggi's younger brother or something?

He's so pretty, I was just wondering what he's been up to.
ABU2 (courtesy of __beautifulday)
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the "U2 makes a video" special is on! It's on MTV2 right now, 9:30 EST. Not sure what time it will air on the other coasts. Then at 10-11 (again, EST) is the U2 Viewer's Choice video special.
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