November 20th, 2004

"he didn't have to sacrifice, he chose to."

"Bono and Edge perform at the dedication of the Clinton Presidential Center and Library. It's the first time U2 (or half of U2) have performed in Arkansas. They begin with a cover of The Beatles' 'Rain', since they're performing under a steady rainfall. Lyrics are changed to fit the occasion in both 'Rain' and 'Sunday Bloody Sunday.' "

(courtesy of they have the video up, too!)

You're going to have to get past Bush's speech, but everything after that is very enjoyable. Adam and Larry were (surprsingly!) absent. You know how much they love to follow Bono around on his little political romps!

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Got the special limited box!

The book is sooooooooooooooo awsome!

But... the real cd box is missing, they'd put the cd in a carton thing :S


Gonna watch the dvd later on...

I'll tell you about the dvd later!

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@U2 has a story about Propaganda, U2's fan club, and I thought you all might like to read about it. Here's the story:

"Some Propaganda subscribers have reported receiving notification in their mailbox (snail mail) today that the fan club is being converted or replaced by an online version that will cost $40/year for new members, or $20 (for the first year) for existing Propaganda members who have issues of the magazine remaining on their subscription.

The letter lists these benefits of joining the "members only" section:
* Priority ticketing for the 2005 tour
* special introductory gift
* a e-mail address (e.g.
* exclusive content features including on-the-road reports and diaries from next year's tour
* audio and video downloads
* access to a full and Propaganda story archive
* mobile phone content
* members-only message boards
* "regular newsletter"
* 25% discount on your first purchase at the U2 web store."

I don't know about you, but $40 seems awfully expensive for an online fan club... although an e-mail address would be pretty cool. What are your thoughts?

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So i was telling my friend about U2 TONIGHT ON SNL and he was like "i dont know if i can like a band where the guitarist named himself "the edge". He's officially on my not-cool list. lol
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They see a red door...

WZZO is doing a U2 Weekend, and I have been trying desperately all weekend to win the CD (to have a chance to win the iPOD and the digital box set). Anyway, during the "U2 Weekend", they are playing lots of U2. About 20 minutes ago I heard their version of The Rolling Stones' Paint it Black.

Anyone know where this is from? I have a copy on MP3, but I know this wasn't on any of the full studio albums. Anyone know if this is a b-side somewhere?
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