November 21st, 2004


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I've been loving my U2 dvds lately - I have Elevation 2001 and 90-00 Best-of. Still waiting for some extra $ to show up in my pocket so I can upgrade my Rattle and Hum vhs to DVD. Not planning on getting "Go Home" since I feel that era is covered by the Boston 01 set.

What I'm wondering is.. does anyone know if they ever plan on releasing ZooTV Syndney and Popmart Mexico City on dvd? I wish they would- I have a particular soft-spot in my heart for ZooTV - the decadant and perverse U2 and I love most. I have these concerts on VHS, but I really don't find myself watching music on VHS anymore because the sound just doesn't stack up.

Part of me is afraid that if they were planning on having these on dvd, they would have have done it already. Probably less incentive, since they wouldn't likely sell as many copies as Rattle and Hum and the newer releases. Does anyone know?
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I made dis.

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Hi. Just joined. Been A HUGE...HUGE! U2 fan all my life. When it hit me. Why am I not in a U2 Community. I just watched them on SNL. Loved it.. danced to it... went nuts to it. And I ca ndo it again. I tivo'd It. Can
t wait to waych it again. Got all their albums, 3 of their DVD'S... yea Im a fan.
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Virgin Megastores - London

As I'm sure many of you have seen on, Virgin Megastores in Picadilly is doing a special thing Sunday night to get copies of HTDAAB.

Doors open at 11pm, and the first 500 people through the door get a goody bag.

Does anyone have any idea of how early I'd have to be to have a reasonable shot of getting a goody bag??

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Just a link to someone's blog about U2 on SNL this evening... Apparently they played three encores after the show, including 'All Because of You', a repeat of 'Vertigo', and something else the name of which the insider from the audience couldn't recall. And for those of you - well, all of us - who were moved by 'Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own', there's a few lines addressing that (what Bono mentioned to the audience in dress rehearsal).

I reiterate, I SO wish I could have been in that studio this evening. :-P Along with everyone else here, I'm sure.


I could be wrong, but it seems like the majority of members here are under 21. Which makes me'd all you guys FIRST get into U2?

I got in on the tail end of them being "cool" older friends all jumped on the bandwagon circa Joshua the vast majority of U2 fans. Among people I actually know I'm the youngest U2 fan I know. I've always been refered to as "the baby". :)

My younger brother who is 23 is always telling me how "old" U2 is......our dad even listens to them!

So how does someone who was a toddler when JT came out come to like U2? How do you get into them, especially when the "cool" stuff is indie or emo or whatnot?

(This isnt' meant as an insult........I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the fact that so many different kinds of people like U2 as much as I do!)

New York Concert - where is it?

I would be eternally grateful if someone would clarify the location of (or even existence of) tomorrow's concert. First there was the rumor that its in Washington Square Park. Now MTV is broadcasting a "secret show by one of the biggest rock bands". Its in Brooklyn, at the docks. About 20 minutes by cab in-between.

Which one is it? I cancelled two meetings at work for this..

Thank you. Really.

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Something my uncle said, and I just thought I'd put it here to see what everyone else thinks. Please give rational argument for and against as you feel appropriate.

"The Joshua Tree is mainly about U2's infatuation with America." Discuss.

I can finally tell you all now....

There's been a lot of rumors flying around about other shows but I'm just doing work for MTV, so this is a confirmed notice I got earlier to pass to, times and info below:

U2 will be performing live tomorrow, Monday November 22 in DUMBO north of the the Brooklyn Bridge. The performance is being filmed by MTV for a feature on the release of "How to Dismantle and Atomic Bomb", and tickets are free through 1iota: , click on MTV surprise performance (it doesn’t say U2, but it is)

Monday, November 22, 2004

Arrival Time:
2:30 pm (show starts at 3:00pm)

Meeting Place:
Empire Fulton Ferry State Park
Corner of Plymouth & Washington street
 Brooklyn, NY
 (btwn the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges)

 (You can take the F train from Manhattan to the York St. stop)
Homestar Soda

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KROQ (92.3, New York) is debuting the new album. I'm gonna sound hypocritical since I ranted the other night, but U2's at some undisclosed location in NY and answering questions and stuff. It's basically a listening party. I won't spoil it for those who want to wait until Tuesday, but let's just say U2 will never disappoint their fans musically.
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Got a Request....

Hey Everyone!

Like everyone else, I immensely enjoyed the lads on Saturday Night Live last night. The friend that I am trying to convert to be a U2 fan was also forced to watch it with me. *eg* And, SYCMIOYO is truly beautiful.

But, I got a request....awhile back, someone had posted a link to Dubya "singing" Sunday Bloody Sunday. Does anyone one remember where that is or where I can find it? I want to play it for a friend.

I would appreciate it.

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Does anyone have screen caps of the pictures they showed of the band last night right before they introduced them on SNL? There was one that I absolutely LOVED and I am dying to find it online!
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WSOU, 89.5 FM S. Orange, NJ

I just wanted to let all my fellow U2 fans know they have reason to be proud of me.

I cohost an Alternative Rock/Singer-Songwriter specialty show on WSOU, Seton Hall University's radio station. Our normal format is "Modern Eclectic Rock" (post-hardcore, emo, screamo, punk, indie, for the most part), but our show, The Campus Buzz, is all programmed by my friends (and co-hosts) Scottie P, "Peppermint Patty" and I (MK). Well, tonight, it was all U2.

Our '80s and '90s Retro Hour from 8 to 9 went like this:
1) "The Electric Co." (Boy)
2) "Gloria" (October)
3) "The Refugee" (War)
4) "A Sort of Homecoming" (The Unforgettable Fire)
5) "Trip Through Your Wires" (The Joshua Tree)
6) "God, Pt. 2" (Rattle & Hum)
7) "All I Want Is You" (Rattle & Hum) -- requested by Lena and Monica
8) "Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World" (Achtung Baby)
9) "Lemon" (Zooropa) -- requested by my brother Din, who called up and we put him on the air. He subsequently said happy birthday to my mom and immitated Bono's falsetto on "Lemon", much to the delight and amusement of everyone in the studio.
10) "Mofo" (Pop)
11) "In A Little While" (All That You Can't Leave Behind)

Then, at 9:00 for New Music At Nine, we played the entire new U2 album without breaking in once. Plus, as an added bonus, we also played "Neon Lights" before signing off. It was really one of the most fun DJing experiences (and just general radio experiences) I've ever had.
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ok my fellow U2 nuts, I have a horrible situation that I could use your help in resolving. im on my new computer and my old one crashed and burned and i have lost all my U2. I have done my best in recovering things, but I am still short the following albums....

Zooropa, The Unforgettable Fire, Rattle and Hum, and Pop.

If anyone could help by sending these over AIM or something, please, contact me at RonVersionOne.

I would greatly appreciate it. I am lost without it.