November 23rd, 2004

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11:45 - Walk into Tower and find a long line by the cash registers.
11:50 - Overhear people in front of me wondering if the cash registers were broken, not realizing it was the line for new releases. People in front of them turn around and go, "Oh, this is the line for the new U2 album." That was such a beautiful line, for some reason.
12:03 - Get up to cash register, am told I have a choice between CD, CD/DVD, or CD/DVD/booklet. Cannot afford the last option, went for the CD/DVD. Am a tad disappointed with the DVD from reading the back, but not complaining as it was only a few dollars extra.
1:03 - Still haven't listened yet, but I am the happiest person in the world right now, even if they were in Times Square today, just 15 blocks away from me, and I missed them.
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What song would like to see next made into a video, and if you want, expound upon what the video would be :)

Second, what song EVER would you like to see as a video; and what should be in it ?

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...and let me just throw this one thing out there real quick.....

Not since With or Without You, maybe even beating out Walk On, no song emits such power and emotion as Miracle Drug. I could listen to it in repeat as I've been doing with WOWY ever since i first heard it :)
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Re: Complete U2 Box Set

446 songs - yet their cover of Don't Take Your Guns To Town is strangely absent. And why no live Zoo TV material? Conversely, the addition of the Point Depot show is most welcome.

All in all I s'pose not a bad collection, though I can think of some songs that would've been nice..
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HTDAAB Black Book...

Hey... concerts are about to creep up on us again! (thank god... too long)... And I am building up my Atomic Bomb Black Book.

So if you live in PA, NJ, NY... and want to hang out with a bunch of cool people while tailgating... let me know!

I am building a list for myself to get in touch with local fans for concert fun. If you are interested, let me know!

And, for all of you who have only just now listened to the album, isn't it great!

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U2 on SNL

I pulled this right from, there's video links at the bottom:

  • U2 re-legitimizes music on Saturday Night Live


    After the recent consecutive travesties of Ashlee Simpson and Eminem on SNL, it was clear something had to be done.

    So leave it to U2 to step up and take care of business. On Saturday's episode, they performed three songs, the last one coming as a surprise to everyone but the cast. As they all gathered on the main stage, per usual, to wave goodnight, Bono walked over to the performance area and joined his band to sing "I Will Follow."

    Mid-song, Bono walked out into the crowd (as much as that's possible on SNL), pulled the cameras around, gave a woman in the front row a rather feisty lapdance, and then rejoined the cast to embrace an ecstatic and overwhelmed Amy Poehler, singing all the while.

    As the song ended with the credits already rolling, Bono repeated the "Live...Live...Live!" mantra he had opened the band's first song with earlier in the evening, and called out, "One more! One more!" As the broadcast cut away, you could hear the band striking up a fourth song.

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Okay, so I just bought my box set version of HTDAAB, and um...

The CD isn't in it. I'm totally serious. Or am i just retarded?

edit: Took it back to Tower at around 9:15. They were sold out. Coconuts or whatever that silly store is called was sold out. Went to Borders and got the last copy, that actually had the CD in it. Day saved.

(unfortunately, quiz in class missed. I think Bono should call my Music Theory professor and explain to him the situation so he'll let me make up the quiz)

I really hope no one else had a bunk copy like this...the limited editions seem to be selling out within an hour or two of the store opening. (so if you're on the west coast, don't waste any time)
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a little story on this fantastic day


I barely got a wink of sleep last night. All I could think about was racing down to Borders today to get The Album. Although Borders is traditionally more expensive, they open an hour earlier than the local Best Buy - at 9 AM.

I got up around 8 AM. Took a shower, my heart literally pounding the entire morning.

By 8:45, I was attempting to calmly drive the three miles to Borders. I didn't want to speed, because the road that leads me to Borders is always rife with cops just waiting to catch speeders. My speed faithfully remained at the legal limit of 40 mph, and I proceeded to piss off every single person behind me as I did so.

I got there early. I waited in my car a little bit before finally emerging, and watched another hapless would-be customer attempt to open the locked double-doors. A few more people gathered around, waiting and chatting with each other. I smirked to myself, assuming they were, like me, eager U2 fans just salivating in anticipation of what was behind those glass doors. Having left the warm interior of my vehicle, I opted to lean against it semi-casually - the battered silver six-year-old Honda Civic that my friends have affectionately dubbed the U2Mobile, of course. I shivered in the chilly morning air, with a giant smile on my face.

Finally, a Borders employee slowly ambled up to the doors and unlocked them after first unlocking the inner glass doors that lead into the store. The small crowd of people made their way inside, and I shyly made my way across the parking lot to the warm, coffee-scented interior of the store. Surprisingly, I was not greeted by a huge U2 display as soon as I walked in. Wanting to savor the moment, I went first to the magazine section and plucked the most recent marvelous issues of Blender, Q, and Uncut from the slots, feeling a fuzzy glow in my heart as I stared at the faces of our boys on the glossy covers. I clutched the magazines to my chest and slowly walked further into the store, keeping my eyes peeled for signs of the new album.

And then there it was. A small display featuring the day's new releases, with three version of the album - the "regular" 11-song edition, the "deluxe" edition with the DVD, and the Collector's Edition, with the book and the same DVD. I took one of each, smiling gleefully to myself, and looked down at the bundle in my arms proudly. I had it. It was almost mine. I went straight to the counter and shelled out nearly one-hundred dollars for these six treasures.

I went home.
Played the album.
and I have no words yet.
But holy shit. This was SO worth the wait.
This dorky fangirlish awe-inspired smile won't leave my face.

As Sting once sang, "I'm so happy that I can't stop crying."
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I'm sure there are loads of other people saying the same thing, but I bought the CD, and LOVE IT!!!

Tomorrow, I'm moving from Oklahoma to Florida, and I'm guessing this is going to turn into the soundtrack of our road trip...

Oh, you look so beautiful tonight....
Yeah, the city of blinding lights...
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Today has been hard. I wanted to be one of those fans waiting in line this morning, but with my 21st birthday on Sunday, I have been told by parents and friends NOT TO BUY ANYTHING!!!!
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While I'm eagerly awaiting my copy of HTDAAB, thought I'd post this about the coveted R&R Hall of Fame inductions. Gotta love the attitude these boys have and how humble they are about their achievements. My dad was telling me today that he heard the album exceeds The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby. Can't wait to hear it! *bounces off walls*

U2: Rock Hall Can Wait Awhile
USA Today, November 23, 2004
Edna Gundersen

Of 16 nominees up for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, U2 is the surest bet to make the class of 2005. So why is the front-runner hoping to be shoved to the back burner?

"We're definitely too young," says U2 bassist Adam Clayton, 44. With their hotly anticipated 11th studio album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, out Tuesday, the Irish foursome feels the Rock Hall mothballs might be premature.

"We tried very hard to get out of it," says Bono, also 44. "Our respect for the people on that (selection) committee is the only reason we'd turn up. Others deserve it before us. We are humbled by the support for us and the esteemed company, but this is no time to look back.

"Those nights are extraordinary," says the singer, who inducted the Who, Bob Marley and Chris Blackwell at past galas. "I have seen the toughest men in town in tears. It's the greatest night of your life."

Artists become eligible 25 years after their first record release. The lads were teens when they wrote songs for 1980 debut Boy.

"We did our growing up in public while most bands spent five or six years figuring it out before they did their first album," says guitarist Edge, 43. "We're in the middle, so this doesn't quite seem credible."

Drummer Larry Mullen Jr., 43, says the honor would be more appropriate in, say, 2030.

"We've got another 25 years," he says. "They need to change the rules. We're still creative and still out there competing on every level. It would be great to get this when we're 75 and we can bring the grandkids along."

U2's competition on the ballot includes the J. Geils Band, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, Buddy Guy, Wanda Jackson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Randy Newman, The O'Jays, Gram Parsons, the Pretenders, the Sex Pistols, Percy Sledge, Patti Smith, the Stooges and Conway Twitty.

A maximum of seven inductees will be announced in December.

© USA Today, 2004.
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x-posted in _u2_

I'm from the US and a friend just sent me "Fast Cars" and I must say, i'm REALLY disappointed it wasn't included on the US release!!! Any other US fans heard it?? What about outside the US? what do y'all think of "Fast Cars"?
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I don't know how to feel. I bought the special edition thing with the cd(including fast cars) dvd and "book".

It hasn't sunk in. I'm...I don't know. I know I'll love it, I just...almost can't believe it.

It's hard to describe...
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I was watching the DVD from the special deluxe edition and I was wondering about two things:

1. Is Adam wearing braces? lol Not that I care if he does so or not, but I never realised that and in the interviews of 'U2 and 3' it looks so.

2. When you go to the track-by-track selection and you go to the second song (Sometimes as studio version) and you go to the LEFT or the RIGHT (when you watch it on your pc, with the arrow keys) the red cross that marks the song you want to watch, disappears just as if this was an easter egg, but nothing happens and I can't figure it out. :-/ But maybe I'm jst paranoid and wish too much that there was an easter egg......
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original of the species

hey, guys. i think i might be in the brightest zen-like, rock-out state of my entire life. HTDAAB is some of the greatest music i've ever heard. hands-down, barnone, wayy better than joshua tree and definitely better than achtung baby. and possibly better than anything i've ever heard before.

i got the 2-disc cd/dvd set. on the dvd bono says, and i quote, "This is our first album. We've been around for 20-some years, but this is our first album. And Vertigo is our first single."

i'm inclined to agree. U2 has been evolving, and i think they are finally at the stage where they want to be. i'm not even halfway through the album, but i'm already in awe. these guys really are the savior of rock&roll right now. the song "city of blinding lights" has an edge guitar riff at the beginning that nearly brought tears to my eyes.
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Da Man - Laid back & Content

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I've been writing reviews of each song on the new album over at my own journal, and I was wondering if it would be okay to post them here...behind a cut of course. Or you can pop over there and read them too. But I am kinda curious if anyone feels the same way I do about these songs.
i heart you

the album

I'm really frusterated with the whole "Fast Cars" ordeal. i bought the edition with only the CD and DVD included not knowing that "Fast Cars" wouldnt be on it. i havent' had a chance to see the the song at least on the DVD?

on another note:
What's everyone's favorite song? Ok...I know thats a hard decision to make. But try to narrow it down to 3...whats your 3 favorite ones on the new album?

AND....does anyone like the pictures of Bono and Edge taking each other's pictures that is in the little CD booklet with all the lyrics as much as i do? I LOVE THAT!!!!
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Hey, can I make an icon request????

Is there anybody that could make me an icon, of the guys(from the HTDAAB era), with some really cool line from the album, all in the colors of the album(black and red). I don't know if it's too much to ask....

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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I made dis.

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Oh,  after reading all your posts...  Feel like a loser cause I have not heard any of the new songs execpt vertigo.   Heck i dont even own the album yet.   And I'd go get it tomarrow... but weather man says 2 inches of snow...   God i want that album.   And I call my self a U2 fan...
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