November 24th, 2004

Enid (my alter ego)

DVD highlighted quotes! :)

Bono on The Edge:

"Edge is not the most rock and roll soul you could meet. He's a much more monk-ish, zen-like being. By rock and roll, I mean metallic, blood-running-through-your-veins, adrenalised music."

The Edge on the guitar:

"Depending on what you're trying to do, you would pick up a different instrument to work with. If I'm writing a rock and roll song, it has to be a guitar because rock and roll is about the guitar. It's about guitar riffs, it's about that kind of energy that you get from hitting the big E chord when you've got the amp turned up full. There's no way you can get to that kind of feeling with another instrument."
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U2 poll

Favorite U2 album

Under a Blood Red Sky
The Unforgettable Fire
The Joshua Tree
Rattle and Hum
Achtung Baby
All that You Can't Leave Behind
How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

Favorite U2 song

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I got it!

Hey everyone, just wanted to say that I FINALLY GOT THE CD!!!

I'm an American here in Tokyo, Japan, and I got it from a store called HMV. I'm actually listening to...Love and Peace or Else right now. So happy listening.
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U2 silliness

I wonder if Bono and The Edge make their friends and family call them by those names?

I just don't think I could do it.

"Come on... you're Paul and Dave."

And for that matter, I wonder if Sting does that?

I wonder what happened the first time he told someone he wanted to be called "Sting".

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So was anyone else at their "surprise" concert in Brooklyn on Monday? I was lucky enough to be 30 feet away from the stage...and it was the best day ever. Best concert I've ever seen..I had the time of my life! And i had never gotten to see U2 before it was really special.
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The Alarm - James


First lets get this straight I have been a big U2 fan since circa 1984 it was one of the fast "alternative" bands I got into and led me on to discover many more new wave type bands ...

Sadly this new album has been a disappointment so far ... I picked up my copy on Monday ...

I played it ... I sighed is that it ...

It just didn't do anything for me, very average by some standards I fear... nothing new or really dynamic about it .. I have heard bands do similar far better in the time between the two albums ...

It didn't help that I was totally bored by Vertigo before thee album arrived as the UK radio seemed to insist on playing it to death ... this happens to me a lot with lead singles by time I get the album I skip the single ...

I think for me this is an album that is going to have grow with me ... this week has been difficult with work and family issues to be sorted ... maybe I just wanted something more dynamic ... something different something 21st century ... something to lift me up ... maybe the associated hype about it has helped judge my thoughts ....

Gets ready to be shot down in flames .. but hell man you have to be honest to yourselt .. U2 have been part of the soundtrack of my life for over 20 years now from teenage school to adult ..

With or Without You, One and October are three of the most special songs in my life for various reasons
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Alright, after the family has gotten their fill of turkey and fixins we're all going to go to the graveyard of my cousin/best friend, read letters written to him - toss them into an urn of sorts and light them aflame so that they are carried off to heaven. I've not had the best of luck trying to write a letter to save my life and I don't want to arrive empty handed.

Can anyone suggest a U2 song that I could use for such occasion, or listen too to grasp inspiration to write? I know that if I just sit back, remember how they where I could think of a letter but I'd really appreciate the help, nonetheless.


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Yesterday I had to work so I couldn't wait in line to get the new U2 CD or anything...but I wanted to go after work. So after work I came home, had dinner with the boyfriend...and conked out until 9:30-ish :( By then everything was closed so no HTDAAB for me :( I was so fucking upset...

So tonight I wanted to finally get it. I looked in my wallet...I had four dollars. I had completely forgotten to go to the bank! Luckily my boyfriend kicks ass and he bought it for me and he even drove around so I could listen to the whole thing in his car...and holy fuck. It's so so so so so fucking good. Bono's voice gives me the chills. Yahweh is my favorite song so far, but I'm going to listen to it about 2039489012348239 more times so we'll see which songs grow on me :)

SWOON. I'm so fucking happy I finally have it. SO FUCKING HAPPY.

Next...the DVD!
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