November 26th, 2004

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Now, I'm no longer a Christian, but I thought this was cool. I was telling my mother about the new album, and she goes "ur pastor quoted Bono in his sermon this Sunday."

Of course, she couldn't remember the specific quote, only that it was "something about Jesus". "Well, that narrows it down", I said. =)



Hi everybody, I'm new here *waves* I love U2 (obviously =P ) and realized that i have yet to join a U2 community! I just got HTDAAB Wednesday and i think it's such a perfect album. My favorite song would have to be "Miracle Drug." Achtung Baby is my fave album and there are too many songs for me to list as my faves. I really wish they would release their tour dates already. I'm dying of suspense. But anyway, just wanted to introduce myself =)
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U2 and CSI

CSI Investigates New U2

A snippet of "Vertigo" played in last week's CSI, while the show's 100th episode on Nov. 18 will feature a special remix of the single. Another track, to be determined by the band, will appear on the Nov. 25 episode.

So I never heard any U2 on either of the last two shows -- anyone know anything about this??

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I'm working on a special surprise for you all, but I need your help. Does anyone know where I can get the HTDAAB font. I've done this thing which will be rather useful (particularly to those with the CD, DVD, book), but I need that font. I'm pretty sure that it is out there, because someone (sorry, can't be bothered to check who) managed to make a lovely wallpaper, which was very very pretty, and is currently my desktop background. But yeah, I need that font.
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booo... lol

I was browsing the contents of "The complete U2" collection on the itunes music store. I really wished you could purchase the "album" Unreleased and Rare, instead of having to fork over the $149.99. I already have the mexico show, the "live from the point depot" the Boston show, and finally the Melon remixes, so I wouldn't gain much, by purchasing the set.. hehe ah well.

Im sure we'll all see a box set with a good portion of this stuff eventually..

Virgin Prunes image community

This is a new community for images of the Virgin Prunes (yeah, the brother band of U2; for those of you who don't know them: The VP and U2 grew up in Dublin, formed bands and stayed lifelong friends, especially Gavin Friday (singer) and Bono. So there.)

The community is for images of the Virgin Prunes. I realised I have way over 100 pics of just the band on my hard drive and decided to share them and maybe get to see some new ones.

Join vp_daily and enjoy it!

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U2 fans tune in!

Tonight on my radio show, DAMAGED Hearing--ALL U2, ALL NIGHT.

In about 30 minutes, 10:30 PM, mountain time.

Here's the address to listen on your computer:

Or, if you're a Fort Collins local-- 88.9 FM on your dial.

If you're a fan or have any stories, call me toll free anywhere in America at: 1-866-221-5065.

Or at least leave a post in my journal orcho5000 and let me know you're listening.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Louis