November 30th, 2004

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"Freedom has a scent like the top of a newborn baby's head."

Anyone else utter a huge "awwwww!" after hearing that one? ;)
Beautiful lyrics all throughout the album. Good job, Bono (and in some cases Edge).

Goddamn, nevermind! Apparently no one likes this line. Forget I said anything.
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#1 album

from Matt McGee and

November 29, 2004
posted by: m2

HTDAAB has entered the album charts at No. 1 in the following countries:

Ireland ..... UK ..... Australia ..... Finland ..... Holland .....
Brazil, more to come

(We'll know how they did in the US by Wed. morning, I believe)

"Hi, everybody!"

Whew, I only just finished catching up on all of November's posts. I had to avoid this place like the plague because I didn't want to hear *anything* about the new album before I bought the CD. :p  You people sure have been chatty lately.

Anyway, all the isolation was worth it because I *LOOOOOOOVE* the new album to death!!  It might even be my second favourite U2 album ever (and I briefly wondered if it might have toppled Achtung Baby, but I dunno about that). If anyone's at all interested in reading the review I posted in my journal last week, it is here. (But it's *really* long! Although the first three paragraphs are just blathering about my dreams and going to the shop.)

Nutshell version - I was rather disappointed with ATYCLB and I'm over the moon at how HTDAAB has turned out, because I was expecting the worst. I love every track, but my absolute favourite is Love And Peace Or Else, which has to be one of the best songs U2 have *ever* done. :D

Can't wait to see the band on Jonathan Ross this Friday...
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U2 poll results

Here are the results from the poll I posted a few days ago...

Favorite U2 album:
  1. Achtung Baby - 55 votes
  2. The Joshua Tree - 37 votes
  3. All That You Can't Leave Behind - 15 votes (including mine)

Honorable mention to The Unforgettable Fire - a close 4th with 11 votes.

Favorite U2 song:
  1. "With or Without You" - 21 votes
  2. "One" - 18 votes
  3. "Bad" - 9 votes

Honorable mention to "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" - a close 4th with 5 votes.

(my favorite song, "When Love Comes to Town", just got one vote)
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Looking for the pictures I saw the other day of Bono and Ali on the teacups at Disney? I was telling my husband about how happy and sweet they looked together and now I can't find the picture. :/ Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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"When we were leaving...this character arrived called Christopher Nolan and...he couldn't move a muscle. Only his eyes were just so sharp and so awake. Turns out he was born without any oxygen for..uh..2 hours I think it was. But his mother so believed in him - that look in his eyes - she used to read to him...she taught him. And then they found this little...pill that allowed him to move his neck by about an inch. And then they put this thing to his head like a little unicorn and...they taught him how to type. Turns out he had all these poems in his head. His first poem was called 'I Learned To Bow'. Then he put a book out called 'Dam-burst Of Dreams' won all kinds of things..literary awards...and I guess he was sort of a genius. But I was thinking about the look in his eyes and the faith...that someone had in him that he was awake, that he was conscience. This is called 'Miracle Drug'."

- Bono

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Hi everyone!

I joined this community a couple days ago and have not yet introduced myself. My name is Sarah, I'm 19 and a college sophomore. I've been a U2 fan for about 5 years, although I have been listening to their music practically my entire life. Picking a favourite U2 album for me could be compared to picking a favourite child, but at the current moment I would have to say that it's a tie between HTDAAB and October.

I can't tell you how lovely its been to see my friends page peppered with all of these wonderful posts about U2, the greatest band on earth. :)


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