December 1st, 2004

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What are your most frequent randomly played U2 song on your iTunes, etc? My top 5 are:

Stranger in A Strange Land
Is That All?

Interesting. All old school.
ABU2 (courtesy of __beautifulday)
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Another #1!

U2 Sells 840,000 copies of HTDAAB in the US, nearly doubling the amount sold for ATYCLB in '00.

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Well, Interscope's one happy label! ;)

FMQB: Interscope Dominates Sales Charts & Receives Label of the Year Accolades
When you're hot, you're hot! And when it comes to retail right now,
you can't get much hotter than Interscope Records. In the new
Soundscan chart released on Wednesday, 12/01, Interscope will own 30%
of the top ten scanning albums, locking up the #1 & #2 slots. U2 will
debut at #1 (scanning 840,000 units), Eminem (which debuted #1 two
weeks ago) grabs #2 with 471,000 units, while Gwen Stefani parachutes
down at #7 with 309,000 units scanned. Interscope has also scored well
with year-end airplay honors. The label will win 2004 FMQB Leader
Awards as label of the year in the following formats: CHR, Modern Rock
and Triple A. Congrats to Promotion executives Brenda Romano, Chris
Lopes and the entire Interscope promo squad on another exceptional year.
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what do you do when 1/2 your U2 collection goes missing?

At the end of august i went on a trip and had the following CDs with me in one of those big cd holders:
Achtung Baby
Best of 90-00
Best of 80-90
Joshua Tree
and that cd from target "7"

i haven't been able to find the case since my trip home, & i've been looking for it for months. after taking my house apart again this weekend, i've given up hope in finding the cds (i have the cases and everything, its the cds themselves that im missing).

so what do i do? do i go out and buy new ones? buy them on ebay because i have the cases in good condition anyway? or do i just buy the U2 digital song collection if i buy the ipod?

sigh. from now on i only travel with copies of cds!
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Hey, I'm new here. If this question has been posted before, please be kind and don't rip my head off.

Does anyone know the significance of the text "Miss You Sugar" on the bottom of the HTDAAB cd?