December 9th, 2004


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wow. I am just blown away at what goes off during a U2 show. Watching All I Want Is You and Where The Streets Have No Name from the Go Home DVD just blows me away everytime. I get chills constantly during those two songs. And when Bono runs around the heart at the beginning of Streets, you cant describe it. That song has consistently been the pinacle of U2 shows. That song is seriously, just, wow. Im sure you know what I'm talking about. Man
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I just downloaded two songs I hadn't known of before, and they're incredible. One is Endless Deep and was on the Two Hearts single, the other is Things to Make and Do, which I think was on a Boy era single. They're mostly instrumentals, but, omg!

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What Kind of Fan Are You

I am just wondering as to what kind of fans we have in this community Personally, I am the unashamed obsessed fan. I have been a fan for about 5 1/2 years, since 7th grade so I had a good chance to get all the albums before ATYCLB came out and luckily I got to see them on the Elevation tour. Over the years I have collected more than a hundred cds by them including bootlegs(from Boy up to Elevation), singles, mix cds, etc(exactly 1,509 U2 songs on the iPod, haha). Im also really into the books, my fav being At the End of the World, the best of propaganda, U2 live, U2 show, and the U2 reader among others. I have put up a "U2 Shrine" in my room where i display all my memorabilia. I seriously love this band, like i cant even describe. I think since HTDAAB came out and before then, i may have only listened to two other non-U2 cds. I can go months listening to just U2. I love watching the documentaries on various dvds. Its honestly hard to describe, i just think these guys are the epitome of cool in every way, they are good looking(yes im straight, haha). i seriously fucking love them. I dont think they have ever released a bad album(even Passengers is great) and the only one i would deem weak would probably be October, not because of the songs, but just because of where they were at that time, still struggling to come to terms with the whole "christian" thing and being rushed and bono having to make up a lot of the words. I actually think Pop is a fucking brilliant album, its just a bit of a "diamond in the rough" dig into it a while and you'll see that those songs have real strength and magic to them, especially played live, as is with all U2 songs. In certain classes, about all i do is just browse and and catch up on news and gawk at pictures, haha. When im at work, when i have downtime, probably most of my time is randomly thinking about various things connected to U2, im sure this all sounds really weird and you cant really describe what U2 makes you feel. I got this from @U2 and I think this sums it up for everyone:

"The meaning which U2 have for their fans, and the feeling which that meaning has created, are mysterious things. Truly, they are 'secrets,' which belong to each individual fan, but which add up to something a little puzzling for those who are not privy to the 'secret'." - John Waters, author of The Race of Angels - The Genesis of U2.
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Trampolining Elephant Ahoy!

iTunes "Live New York EP"...

iTunes now has an exclusive downloadable EP from the Brooklyn Bridge show. The set list is...

1) All Because Of You
2) Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
3) I Will Follow
4) Vertigo

I'm not sure if this is going to be added to the "Complete U2" set that they have available through the service.