December 10th, 2004


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Sometimes you can't make it the new single

Despite the recent delivery of a promotional single to US radio stations, and a new video apparently having been shot last month (during U2's surprise appearance in New York City), 'All Because of You' is not going to be U2's next commercial single.

Universal Music New Zealand have told us that the next single from How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb will be 'Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own'. 'All Because of You' will be released in the US as a radio-single only, with no commercial single release.

'Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own' will be delivered to radio stations here in New Zealand in early January. A commercial release-date, however, is yet to be confirmed.
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I found out about U2 after Achtung Baby but before Zooropa, so it was 1991 or 1992. Wow, it's more than ten years ago! A friend of me gave me audio cassette The Best of U2 and I've got hooked in a flash.

I had French in school so I learned English translating U2 lyrics with a dictionary, so U2 means a lot to me, the guys have brought me into the world of English language. You know it's such the huge surprise when all of a sudden you're starting to understand lyrics of your favorite band, lyrics that was just nice sounding abracadabra for you for years. :)

So I'm grateful to U2 but it's very sad they have no plans to visit Russia. I want so much to see them alive! But I don't think I'd be able to travel abroad to catch their concert. :(

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i just saw that has in its news column that the may 2005 release list for universal(i think) has listed a "U2 dvd box set"!!! How fucking cool will that be. More than likely this will include under a blood red sky, zoo tv, popmart, the best of 1980-1990, and maybe achtung baby: interference(that would be badass!) Exciting news
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Request: U2 Dublin DVD 1993-08-28

Hi, I'm seeking the Dublin dvd from 1993-08-28. I'd really like to have it by Monday because I want to give a copy of it to my U2 fanatic history teacher. :) I noticed he had a Zooropa wallpaper on his computer at school so I asked him if he was a fan. I gave him a copy of the Brooklyn dvd and he loved it and said he'd cry if I could get him the Dublin dvd from the zoo tv tour. Anyways, I've got cable so I could recieve it via aim or what have you. Unfortunately I lost all my bootlegs with the death of my harddrive, but I do have the Brooklyn DVD so I could trade that if you wanted me to. Or I could make you a layout and icons or whatever! I would be eternally grateful if I got this, thanks!!