December 12th, 2004

woody allen

a failure to communicate

hey guys. so a couple months ago i was driving around with my lady friend on a date, and i had U2 playing through my iPod car adaptor. i proudly stated, "I love U2." and she, not knowing that U2 was in fact playing, stuttered and said, "Um... I didn't say anything." Recovering quickly, I clarified by saying, "The band."

well it's become an epic inside joke now among my friends. whenever one of us says Anything about U2, another has to say, "i didn't say anything."

tonight i got a subscription to as a christmas present. my username is

just thought you guys would like that story. okay, rock out!
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Just thought this was a funny little quote;

The interview hadn't even begun..... and suddenly we all noticed something very peculiar: Bono - is - taking - all - his - clothes - off. The white shirt went first, then his black suede boots, his socks, trousers, and briefs (black with white trim, possibly Calvin Klein, probably Marks & Spencer). "That's better," he sighed blissfully. "Now ask me a serious question -- if you dare." Excuse me but why have you taken your clothes off, Bono? "For the same reason," interjected the Edge, answering on Bono's behalf, "that he's the lead singer. Because he's a rampant sex god with a huge ego."
"And a small willy," added Adam.

--Sean O'Hagan, Details, Sep. 1992

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Just to tell everyone is Australia

That Made in Manhattan is on ABC at 11:11pm tonight Sydney time. The synopsis for it says:

Exploring two events which have drawn international celebrities from the worlds of rock, fashion, film and art: U2 playing Madison Square Garden and the opening of a major New York exhibition by Bono's long time friend, artist Guggi.

I'm excited about watching it. I hope everyone else is! :)
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I haven't posted here in a WHILE, but I'm glad this community is still alive & kicking.
As one could probably deduce, I absolutely adore U2. Like..more than I ever thought I could love any band. It's almost silly how much I love them. Sometimes I am listening to a song and I just burst into tears because I can't believe they exist. Is that scary?

Oh well. Anyway, I'm posting because I'm going to Dublin. I leave in 2 weeks. I'm just going to explore, have fun, see if I want to study abroad there next year. So of course, I want to do everything U2-related possible! I guess I just want to know if anyone here has any suggestions of places I should visit?

Some Irish people I've been talking to have told me that they've actually seen Bono about town, like in pubs & such! And that people mostly leave him alone.
And that's nice for him, but see, I don't know if I'd be able to do that. I'd feel totally compelled to, like, go up and kiss his shoes and tell him how much he's changed my life, or something. So what should I do if for some reason I do happen to see our god?!

Alright, well, I guess that's it.
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Something crazy.

I just realized that on every U2 album I own, my favorite track is always track 3. What's up with that?

The Joshua Tree? With Or Without You, #3.
Achtung Baby? One, #3.
All That You Can't Leave Behind? Walk On, #3
HTDAAB? Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, #3.

What's that all about?

And another creepy thing... the random shuffling of the 785 songs in my computer music library just played Walk On after Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, as I was writing this entry.

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MTV Jammed u2

can anyone record this for me or host it online? my VCR eats tapes... if anyone can help out, it would be fantastic :)

love this community so far... with my brother and i listening to U2 daily... seems there's always something new to find online and from other fans... it's refreshing... and amazing.

Forgive me...

but I sincerely think that the line "is to fake it" in Sometimes really could have been done again. I mean, when they performed the song at the Brooklyn Bridge show he was able to reach that note and it sounded fine to me. I just think that on the album it sounds very bad. I almost cringe when I hear it.

Anyone else?

*EDIT* I love how whenever I post something no one ever agrees with me at all and I feel like an idiot/horrible fan. I think I'll just keep my mouth shut from now on.

*EDIT AGAIN* I'm such a drama queen. Everyone in this community is amazing.