December 16th, 2004

faith & giles!

show me your smile!

I'm in an angelina jolie community and one of the members asked us all to post a pic to get a feel for what 'an angelina fan looks like'.

So, I'm asking that now. The reason is, U2 is this awesome phenomenon, their music has moved so many of us that they're more than a band, and to be honest, meeting other fans and talking with them is just so satisfying, it's like...forming a deep connnection to another human being. To quote from Waking Life, I don't want to be an ant.

I know U2 has a huge varied fan base and that's another thing that comfprts me. Knowing how different we are, that we're all over the globe. That we're black, white asian, indian, hispanic, 'other' lol and that we're of all sorts os social persuasions, hehe. so, show me your beautiful smiles people! please?

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U2 was nominated for several GRAMMYs. I did not know this.

- Best Rock Performance: "Vertigo"
- Best Rock Song: "Vertigo"
- Best Short Form Music Video: "Vertigo"

Unfortunately, they are up against Green Day for all of these categories...
...and I love Green Day (American Idiot is brilliant).

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at work i have to withstand smoooooooth jazz radio, and they've been playing this song by seal called 'love's divine'. anyone heard it? a bit of the melody is lifted exactly from 'still haven't found'.

he sings, "i need love, love's divine" and it sounds just like, "i have run, i have crawled", not only in melody but in rhythm too.
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U2 hit a million has a story which says that HTDAAB has now sold a million copies in the UK, and gives details of the next single release.

I'm a little surprised not to see Mercy listed as one of the tracks, since I thought they were planning to use that as a b-side?

(Oh, and hi!)
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