December 17th, 2004



I remember a couple of months ago, someone was asking about a U2-sounding song they'd found which had the lyrics "We're the 51st state of the USA". As far as I recall, nobody was able to come up with an answer. Anyway, someone recently asked the same question on another forum, and the song was identified as "In A State" by Redanka. Which is interesting, because the next U2 single is supposed to have something called the Vertigo Redanka Remix as a b-side. Is there some connection?
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I've got more compliments here for my Viggo icon than anywhere else ever. Made me wonder about things. How old are all you girls, who in U2 do you think is hottest, and what other celebs do you regularly fangirl?

As for me, I'm 15, crazy about Bono, and drool over Jason Isaacs, Richard Roxburgh, Sean Bean, and Heath Ledger.
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SGA - Shit
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This may be old news

But for all Australians, I was in Sanity to buy the Libertines album when the new 'Sain' cover caught my eye; U2! Inside there is a 4 page spread about HTDAAB and an interview with U2. So if you've got a Sanity near you, pop in and grab a copy of the latest Sain. It's free and its full of U2ness.

True joy! :) Theres nothing like free U2.
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faith & giles!

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hey all! I just wanted to thank all of oyu for going along with that pic idea. and since I'm in nyc...

"you look so beautiful tonight! ....(in MY city of blinding lights)"

hehehe, I'm cheesy! I loved seeing all of you, and I feel a connection to you guys. You're so varied!