December 21st, 2004


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I got this book from Barnes and Noble (on sale for 6.99!!)...Rolling Stone: The Complete Covers. It's a really great coffee table type book..anyway, all of U2's photos from when they were on the cover of Rolling Stone since the very beginning are in there...pretty neat. And there's an interesting Bono quote:

"It's just a shame that in 1987 there are sixteen year olds who have never heard of Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix. Look, if Bob Dylan walked into a record company today and played them Subterranean Homesick Blues and told them it was a hit record, they would show him the door. If Jimi Hendrix came along now, he wouldn't get a deal. The record companies would file him under 'Black and Confused' or 'Out of Tune'."

Which is basically what I've been saying for's very disappointing to me that kids today especially, (i'm speaking for the people i know at school) have no idea as to what real music is. The beautiful spirit of rock n roll.
The fact that they scoff when they hear I like David Bowie or The Rolling Stones or, yes, U2. Because Ashlee Simpson and 50 Cent are obviously cooler and all around better.


Want your opinion!

Ok, this is a retarded thing to ask, but bear with me. I want some sunglasses like Bono's plum ones. I found some affordable knock-offs, but alas, they look pink. Here's where they are if you care, but the other colour choices are black, blue, silver mirror, & smoke. Should I go with the pinkish ones, or just give up on looking like Bono in that picture and get the smoke or summat?

On a different note, look! Cutest pic ever.
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A note to the australians here......

For those that may not know, channel ten isplaying u2: live at slane castle tonight/tommorrow 12am, melbourne time. I suggest checking your local guide for specifics. I wish they would not put it on so late. I have to be up at 4:30am in the morning but I know the fangirl in me will not let me miss it. I'll be tired but happy:)
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A couple of questions

Hello! I've been inspired to ask a similar question to one earlier. Are there any worthy covers of U2? Like, is there a band that covered a U2 song pretty well without butchering it? I have yet to hear one. (Wait, that Keane one that was mentioned a couple weeks ago was pretty good). I'm really picky about who covers what song by my favorite bands. I can't help it. o_O


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Hey all

Hi, I'm new and I've got a question. I was just listening to burned mix of slow songs from the 80s that a friend made me, and "All I Want Is You" is the last song on there. I thought the CD had ended because the song had ended, but on the same track as "All I Want Is You" there came a bit of piano and some more lyrics that I've never heard before, is there some extended version of "All I Want Is You" or something??

~thanx :)
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