December 25th, 2004

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Hey everyone. Happy Christmas & such..
OK. Thanks to everyone who replied to my post asking about Dublin..I'm leaving on Sunday! I'm so excited! And scared. I feel like, wow. There's a real possibility I could run into my god. And the fact that I might piss him off by saying anything to him is terrible. Because I just know I'll feel like I HAVE to tell him how much I adore him. So this is still bothering me quite a bit :(

ANYWAY the real reason I was posting is to ask if anyone happens to have that clip from a while ago of Colin Farrell doing Bono? I went back a few pages on this community, but the link someone posted had expired :(. I wanted to watch it when I first saw it available online, but my computer was wayy too ghetto to do so then. Now I have got a new one, so I'd like to watch it.
If anyone has it, I'd appreciate it much!
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Merry Christmas!!!

First off Merry Christmas to anyone & everyone who celebrates it!!!!!

Second of all....OH MY GOD!!! I LOVE MY BROTHER AND MY MOM!!!! they chipped in to buy my mu U2 ipod!!! woot-woot!!!! i love it. just thought i would share that with everyone!!!! im SO lucky!

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This is a special Christmas present for anyone who really, really wants "The Complete U2" for their iPod! Be the first to comment back with a paragraph on why you need "The Complete U2", and why you love U2 so much - just convince me. What's the prize? $50 off coupon for "The Complete U2" (we got the iPod for my dad, he has no use for the coupon because he has every single CD, etc.)!

Remember guys, first one to comment with a paragraph.