January 6th, 2005



As posted at @u2.com from the Rolling Stone...

U2 Postpone World Tour

Brian Hiatt

U2 have postponed their much-anticipated tour behind How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, originally scheduled to kick off March 1st in Miami. "All of the plans are in total flux," a source close to the band told Rolling Stone, citing a family illness as the reason for the change. Tour dates were to be announced and go on sale this month, but those plans have been delayed.

The band, which is nominated for three Grammys for the single "Vertigo," still intends to play the February 13th awards ceremony in Los Angeles and to attend its induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on March 14th in New York. However, a new timeline for the tour has not been set.

According to longtime tour designer Willie Williams, the tour's stage and video screens are in the process of being built. "We are developing some new technologies to deliver visual content," he told Rolling Stone.

U2's last world tour, in support of All That You Can't Leave Behind, made them the top-grossing act of 2001.
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during tonights episode of ALIAS,

they played about 45 seconds of BAD.

it was a bit cheesy, but seemed to fit well with the moment.. (though no character was using heroin or anything of the like..)
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Ok fans, can anyone answer this?

In the only 'live' TV performance of the band aid song with the original 'cast'...who sang (mimed) singer Bono's solo line "tonight, thank God, it's them instead of you"?
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Time for a 2005 tour update...

Hello everyone. I just came back from a 12-day trip to Disneyworld, which involved 5 days of traveling by RV from New England to Orlando. Since I have been out of the loop for a while...

1. Have there been any announcements about the tour? Flipping through my 200+ emails I saw something from @U2 about the tour being pushed back.

2. Any new info about u2.com membership for ticket pre-sales?

3. Did everyone have a great holiday?