January 7th, 2005


Official statement on tour plans

Just in case anyone missed the official confirmation of the tour delay, it was mentioned on U2.com where Paul McGuinness was quoted as saying: "We've postponed the announcement of the tour because the routing is still being worked on. As soon as we get everything confirmed over the coming weeks, we'll let you know."

Hopefully that should clear up any doubt over the reports on the fansites. Not sure about the "family illness" part, though, as that wasn't mentioned in the U2.com news item.

EDIT: Apparently some Irish newspapers have now reported that a member of Edge's family is seriously ill. But that's just rumour at the moment.
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Can anyone tell me please oh please where I can download a good copy of the All Because of You video? I would really appreciate it! From what I am peeking in on (on launch.com) it looks like it might be the best U2 video I've ever seen!