January 10th, 2005

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What is your favorite U2 period? For instance mine was the Achtung Baby/Zooropa era. They were younger, Bono's voice was excellent, and it's the period which I feel like I could've just melted in. Perhaps to put it a better way: Which period in the muslc of U2 do you feel most at home?
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Ever listened to Endless Deep and then "Hello" by Evanescence? Tell me the piano isn't doing the exact same line! I'm not pointing fingers, especially since I'd laugh my head off if I knew Amy Lee listened to U2, but it's a fascinating coincidence.

What are some resemblances to other songs you've noticed from U2?
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howdy all, does anyone know where the song "Mercy" comes from? I didnt see it listed at all in the itunes music store in their "box set" and i didnt see it listed as a bside to either of the vertigo singles, and im trying to put an album title to it on my itunes list. any help is appreciated :)

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so, i was making a mix CD for someone of a bunch of live U2 tracks that I have, and after listening to the mix cd over and over again, i fell in love with the Point Depot version of "running to stand still"...and even more so once i discovered what the lyrics for that song were about.

my question for you all is...have you had similar experiences? once you found out the meaning behind a song's lyrics/story behind a song, have you fallen absolutely in love with that song more so than any other U2 track? when i found out the circumstances that surrounded "one", that happened to me, and it's happened again with "running to stand still"...

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Hi guys! and girls :P

On a special MTV show about U2, they showed a fragment where Larry said something like: I can't even say the bloody word, achtung baby. And then a fragment of bono saying achtung baby in a obscene way, they repeat that fragment successivly.

Does somebody have this? Could you please send it to me?