January 12th, 2005

I need some advice...

Hello, everyone. I'm new to the U2 scene and this community. I want to buy my friend who is a big U2 fan one of their albums, not their new album but something classic. I heard the Joshua Tree was very good but I need some other thoughts on the subject. If you had to pick one U2 album which one would it be and why? Your input is very important to me. Thanks.

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Just thought yall would be interested in my brief review of HTDAAB on Amazon. I'm more for the passionate side of U2 than their dance or catchy pop tunes. Miracle Drug is literally the best song I've heard from them since WOWY (and I'm a wowy FREAK!) hehe

comments please, just try not to hate me too much :-P

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I was hoping someone here might be able to answer this for me...

I recently downloaded a version of 'One' which was simply labelled 'The best live acoustic performance ever' and it is, as said, pretty damn good, it's accompanied by strings and all. I have no other information about the track but, after listening to it 3 or 4 times i picked up a third vocal harmony during the chorus doing an alto-ranged harmony as Bono sung the melody and Edge did a soprano-ranged harmony. I was wondering if it has been known for Adam or Larry to provide vocals in live performances of this song at other times as i don't recall hearing so many parts in the Studio version. Also, if someone recognises this description [which is pretty crappy, i'll admit] could they tell me when or where or why this was recorded?

thanks so much!


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ok i know this has probably already been talked about but i have a question?

vertigo came on the radio the other day and my friends boyfriends said
"thats so stupid why do they count to fourty"

(uno,dos,tres,catorce), i clarified and told him it was fourteen, and he said that it was still stupid why dont they know how to count it doesnt make sense,

i explain to him what i understood to be the reason why they count to fourteen, i was lead to believe that it because it is their 14 album.

so he says name them, and we got into a fight over what is considered an actually "ablum"

meaning that "under a blood red sky", "wide awake in america" and the best of 80-90, should not be included in the count of the fourteen, i personally do consider them but i can see why someone might disagree especially when it comes to the best of, i included it because it has songs that are not on anything else, plus he was just plain aggravating me because he was trying to tell me that my favorite song by u2 "Bad" was not on unforgettable fire but only on wide wake so the conversation was just annoying and what i want from you all becaus ei know you will have plenty off opinions i can give to explain my position. sorry my explanation was so long - cheers
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U2 for sale!

i read the rules of this community and don't worry, i'm not posting an eBay ad.

BUT, i am trying to sell my U2 tape collection. i have all the U2 albums on CD, so tapes are just taking up room. but i know that there may be someone out there who is still into cassettes. if so, you might be interested in what i'm selling:
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My friend had never heard of U2 before I mentioned it, and now wants me to mix her a CD. Don't wanna screw things up because YOU KNOW just what is at stake. Could you give me your opinion as to what songs I should give her?

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