January 13th, 2005

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hello, if you are wondering "hey- who is this specialcamper and what is she doing here?" let me introduce myself!
ive never introduced myself into a community so i thought it might be fun.

first of all, the basics. im a 17 year old girl from california and im a senior in high school. i am in the band, taking art courses, and im in the models united nations (im trying to convince everyone that if vatican city can be in the UN then so can bono, and id be happy to represent him!). i enjoy plying music and listening to it. music is my life, and my anti-drug. im also learning a little bit of gaelic (im really bad) and how to sword fight (im really good).

ive been listening to u2 since i was a baby. there were 3 main bands/artists that were played through my childhood and they were The Greatful Dead, Warren Zevon, and U2. ive been a a die hard u2 fan for about 5 years now. this tour will be my first concert and im very excited!

well, that was fun.
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this is what my user name is from

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Bwahahaha, my eight year old daughter has to do a project on 'famous People', and I've persuaded her to Bono (she thinks he is cool for being so involved in Live Aid). her friend is doing Brittany 'Bimbo' Spears... Mel's project will so kick her arse!!!
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Hello u2 fans...

hey my name is carly. im a huge u2 fan. i love their new cd and my favorite song on it is miracle drug by far. i feel like he is singin to me, its very powerful. anyways i just joined thought id say hi. ill be droppin in every now and then. i just made a bono icon....drooooooolll.
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Hello everyone. I just joined, and figured I should introduce myself. Umm... I'm fifteen, but I've liked U2 for a long time, seeing as I've never really been into 'my generation's' music. (I was raised on Meatloaf, Bon Jovi and Led Zeppelin... heh) I can't say what my favorite song is, as it changes constantly. But I've always been partial to 'Sunday, Bloody Sunday'.

Anyways, here's my U2 fan code, just in case anyone's interested.

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U2 Box Set

Whats up my name is Sean. I have been a u2 fan (not a hardcore one but a fan) I get an album from them time to time. Liked them when I was young, you get the idea. Well anyways I have the Joshua Tree on Record. UNSCRATCHED. Anyways i have kept my eye on this LJ site since the new album came out last November. For a month or so I have been thinking about getting that big Ditigal Box Set (I also thought it was a cool idea an itunes first!) Anyways So last night I used alot of my gift cards and got the box set. Its very intresting to see- well to listen to how a band came from nothing to something. I am now up to the Joshua Tree album. (I listened to all of the early abums last night and all) all were really good but now is when the band really gets good. So I just wanted to say hello. And to see what everyone eles thinks of the box set? I have not heard too much about it from anyone. I wonder if Itunes will do another box set like this with any other band?