January 20th, 2005

Fox - Bright eyes.

I Swear I Didn't Brainwash Him ... Honest!!


My nephew who is only 9 years old just loves Vertigo ... and he's really keen to hear more U2 now so I've offered to loan him a few of my CDs. He thinks Bono rocks! :D

The nephew is really hoping that when U2 finally tour again that I'll be a nice auntie and take him along with me. Babysitting at a U2 concert? What an interesting concept! ^^
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hey all! I've gotta make a portfolio for a film program at the college I am applying to. It's kinda last minute, but i want to make it good, and I'm thinking (at the suggestion of my sister) of making some photo essays. and I thought, why not to songs? I've already had some ideas for a non u2 song, the song Konstantine by Something Corporate, but I'd really really really appreciate it if you guys could give me adive on what u2 song you think I should do? any ideas, suggestions, help is appreciated muchly.

zuko here, avatar - hello

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Hey guys- I put up a review of POP a while back to see if people thought it fit the album okay so I thought I'd share the review of HTDAAB I did for the same paper, that is if you all aren't htdaab-ed out already (which I'm sure many are hehe :P). If anything, after looking at it now it seems a little too positive, but I'll see what you guys think. Thank you! :)
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Attention Guitarists!!

Can anyone direct me to the best place where they have tabs for How to dismantle an atomic bomb? Ive already checked out u2star.com but they are not that good.
Whatever happened to the U2 guitar archive? Supposedly it merged with Interference.com but I cant find it anywhere.
HELP!!!! I want to play Fast Cars sooooo bad!!

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Anyone else see that creepy commercial on VH1 that uses editing to make everyone look like they're singing that "sing, sing a song" tune? Bono's in it a couple of times, and Edge is even in it at the end. Most amazingly though, Larry makes a quick appearance. Odd but appreciated.

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random but worth noticing *i mean it*

in the new video, during the edge's guitar solo-when they are driving over the bridge- he does this kind of marching-in-place move, and honestly, im 19 and i think its pretty damn hot...but then again, what about U2 isnt?

just wondering if anyone else noticed it or if it was just me

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Kings Of Leon as the opening act? Who's idea was that?

(i mean, okay yes I'm happy there's a tour, but come on...all the bands in the world and they picked them?)
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