January 22nd, 2005

U2 is love

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Did anyone else get their email from U2.com with their tour ticketing code enclosed?

cause i just got mine!

*flipping out*

i cant wait for this!!
i'm so excited! :)
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Question about iPod....

After waiting for almost a month, I finally started the download for The Complete U2. Yay me, right? Uh, no, wrong.

After sitting with it for three hours and it not looking "right" in the download process it said something about the connection timing out and that I needed to check my purchased music to finish. (It had only downloaded four or five songs at this point)

Okay, so I did that. It downloaded about four more and then it started acting up again. So I canceled the download and tried checking for purchase music again.

Now it acts like it wants to download but, and it starts to but then it stops and goes to Accessing Music store. If I let it sit, it starts to not download properly again. At one point, I got an error message about something having to do with 250 songs at one time (huh?).

My question is this: Did anyone else have problems trying to download it? And, if so, what kind? I don't find Apple or the iTunes site to be very helpful in the support section and proceeded to write them a nasty gram about the lack of help I found.

And, I am a Windows user with a DSL connection.I'm not sure what the problem would be but I'm not a happy camper right now.

Any Advice, Suggestions, etc?
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On The Joshua Tree, what song is "Oh, great ocean, oh, great sea, run to the ocean, run to the sea" part of? On my disc it comes at the beginning of track 10, which is Exit, but it sounds a lot more like One Tree Hill and on my bootlegs they play it as a part of One Tree Hill. Is this just a glitch on my disc or something?
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The Yoda

Presale question...

Hey guys! I got my presale confirmation code in my email today, yay and yadda yadda yadda. My question regards this - It says at the bottom of the email that "The U2.com internet pre-sale will begin at 10 AM GMT in Europe and 10 AM local time in North America on Tuesday 25th January."

Am I the only one who thinks it's pretty uncool that they didn't specify a time zone for the North American presale? Does that mean my local time, or the local time of the venue? *feels really dumb* I assume they mean the local time of the venue, but... I want to make sure because I got mediocre seats for Elevation and that will not happen again. Hopefully.

Also, does anyone know if they're doing GA again?
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waves go boom

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has anyone that was a PROPAGANDA member recieved anything from them?
i know the last issue was sent out back in 2000, and nothing has been sent since they terminated that fanclub.

i thought we also had access to tickets/info or was i completely wrong?

i also know they dont foward any post office mail.. i mean, damn, i havnt lived at that address in over 4 years...
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Introductions and all that stuff...

Hi everyone

I've been commenting for a little bit now so I thought it was time that I properly introduced myself.

I've been a casual/general U2 fan pretty much my whole life, as they were one of the bands my father listened to when I was little so I listened to them too. Hell-my first concert was Supertramp ;)

This Christmas I got "Rattle and Hum" on DVD and ever since I watched it, I've changed from casual to intense/obsessed fan. Might have been just seeing the band from the different perspective and getting to see the energy they have when they're playing live.

Anyways, this will be my first U2 concert. I tried to go the last time they were here but I had an exam and even though I tried, my high school does not let you change the exam time.

I have a question for you all though! I heard in an interview that the cheapest seats are the floor seats-is this true? I'd love if it were because I really want to be on the floor!

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My Backwork

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I was one of the lucky people who never got my $20 off code or coupon or whatever for the u2.com subscription (I had an old Prop subscribtion that hadn't ended). I paid $40, of course, for the web access to what I consider a half assed site that is *not* worth the money so I could get some good seats via the pre sale. And we can only get two tickets to one show..... last time it was 6 tickets if I am correct?? Guess bringing my daughter and son are out of the question unless I am really good at wrestling with ticketbastard again. And god knows the scalpers will have those lines tied up till all is sold out.

Greedy bastards, all of them!

The concert and the code

Okay I admit it, I didn't feel like spending $40 to join u2.com to just get the code. I should justify myself so that no one will think Im just singey. First I quit my job to get the vacation pay in order to go see the boys (I had to spend $300 for my ticket). I also sang with or without you in bikini briefs out front of 99X radio station in Augusta with two other people to get tickets to go see them back for POP. Im dedicated, trust me. But after seeing them four times I have to admit I'll be just as happy going and sitting in the stands as I would be standing two feet from Bono; then again I might grab hold of him and never let him go lol. Im going to go the usual ticket master route. Ive been saving a credit cardI have with a $1,000 limit just in case I have to buy the ticket elsewhere but either way Im going.

Anybody else feel the same?
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fool on the hill

Questions about General Admission

Are the best seats are in GA? Should I buy the high priced tickets? I plan to see more than one of their concerts so I guess I could buy one concert at GA just to see what its like.

Whether it was a good or bad experience, I'd like to hear some stories from any of you who have bought GA.
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So Fanfire has confirmed that the U2.com membership gives you two tickets to one show.

Somehow I don't think they're going to give out refunds. But I want my $40 back.

(someone correct me if I'm wrong, but don't REM and Pearl Jam's fan clubs cost less and have no restrictions on fan club tickets?)

Looks like I'm going to have to do some hardcore E-Bay-ing. :\
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Golden Circle seats

Okay, as one thread has already been started on the merits of 'General Admission', I'm now asking for input on whether or not 'Golden Circle' seats are worth it. Even remotely... I don't think I'm able to stomach standing out there in line for hours on end (I've done it before for other stuff, but only for a couple of hours, max). On the other hand, the thought of shelling out $165 (maybe even more for Canada, I'm assuming!) makes me a bit queasy...

And then, if I go GA after all, I wonder what in the heck was the point of paying $40 US for the pre-sale anyway.

Keep in mind that a) I've never been to a U2 concert, and b) I may not be able to get anyone to come along with me. :-(

Thoughts, anyone?

worth it

Hmmm I just got done taking one of those longgg showers while listening to some of my fav U2 songs and I have to admit: If they play WOWY just ONE TIME it'll make the tour, the cost, the hassle, and everything else TOTALLY worth it.

..oh yeah and Discotheque is a great song to dance in the shower too

"Boom Cha! Booma Cha!"
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Hey, everyone! So like everyone else, I'm excited for the tour. But I'm wondering, how is the floor in terms of pushing & shoving? I've really only ever been to punk shows (though if all works out I'll be seeing Bright Eyes on Feb. 1st), so...