January 23rd, 2005

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with all this talk about the GA seats and the show in general, i too will bring up a question (as in this is my first show i will b trying to get into. no wait, must think positive-this WILL BE my first show). here it is:

if someone decides not to go afta GA tickets and actually wants to get a seat, would the next best option when buyin tickets to get the price range closest to GA? (like the next price up). sorry if this is dumb, i just want to be prepared for next weekend

and thanks in advance
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Concert tickets - of course!

Dear beautiful fellow U2 fanatics,

I could really use your advice about getting tickets for the tour! Not only will this be the first U2 concert I'll have the pleasure of being at, but it will also be the first time I've bought tickets to see a major worldwide act. I'm so worried I'll miss out... I think I'll die if I can't go see them.

Are the tickets going on sale as soon as the tour dates are announced, and will tickets for the Australian leg of the tour be on sale at the same time as the North America/Europe leg? What's the best way of getting tickets (I'm going GA, if that helps)? Is there any advantage to be had in queing outside the ticket seller in the small hours, or should I just go through the internet/phone? If I should queue up, how early should I get there? And if they sell out, are there any other ways of getting tickets?

I realise these are probably really stupid questions, but I absolutely cannot countenance the prospect of not seeing them... of maybe never seeing them! Any other comments or advice would be very welcome, too. Help!
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Sorry, yet another ticket question....

So I'm a member of U2.com, and the presale starts at 10 AM EST on Tuesday. I have class then, and won't be able to get to a computer until 11:15 or so. Is it possible that all the good seats would be dead and gone by then? And are GA tickets presale, or is it just seats?

Thanks in advance, this is my first U2 show! :D

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For those willing to speculate:

10.6. Brüssel - King Baudouin Stadium
12.6. Gelsenkirchen - Schalke Arena
14.6. Manchester - City of Manchester Stadium
18.6. London -Twickenham Stadium
21.6. Glasgow - Hampden Park
24.6. Dublin - Croke Park
29.6. Cardiff - Millenium Stadium

2.7. Wien - Ernst Happel Stadion
5.7. Katowice - Slaski Stadium
7.7. Berlin - Olympia Stadion
9.7. Paris - Stade de France
11.7. Zürich - Letzigrund Stadion
13.7. Amsterdam - Arena
19.7. Milan - San Siro
23.7. Rome - Olympic Stadium
27.7. Oslo - Vallehovin Stadium
29.7. Gothenburg - Ullevi Stadium
31.7. Copenhagen - Parken

August: 3.8. München - Olympia Stadion
5.8. Nizza - Parc des Sports Charles Ehrmann
7.8. Barcelona - Camp Nou
9.8. San Sebastian - Anoeta Stadium
11.8. Madrid - Estadio Vicente Calderon
14.8. Lissabon - Alvalade
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dumb questions

hi all. some questions regarding the presale....

anyone know what the dates are for the nyc area? i knew the older ones... have they changed?
also, would you recommend joining u2.com, paying the $40, just for tickets?

last tour, i bought my ticket on ebay at the last minute, which obviously i don't want to do again. and i remember for POPMART, they sold out pretty fast, and i was in the nosebleed section of giants stadium.

i'd like to be on the floor again. i was in the heart for ELEVATION.

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More Questions...

So here's the deal. I've never been to a U2 concert, let alone a high-in-demand big name concert either. I'm assuming (and hoping) that they'll be coming to Winnipeg, so I wanna be prepared. I don't intend on getting a u2.com membership, so I won't be getting in on the pre-sales. So I have a few questions:

When do regular ol' tickets generally go on sale? Like, how many months/weeks in advance?

I read in previous posts that GA is the way to go; is it likely that there will be GA left for us regular folk? (I'd really be willing to pay almost anything for any seats though)

If I do get GA tickets, when do people start arriving at the venue? I don't reckon I'll have to camp out, but I want to be early enough to get a good place.

I hear shows like U2 sell out in minutes... I'm hoping to get my tickets from a Ticketmaster outlet nearby; is there a strategy for getting tickets, like going to a lesser-known outlet, or getting there hours ahead of time and whatnot?

So yeah... I'm a lil bit ignorant and sheltered in my concert-going life. Any help would be appreciated. :)
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Seeing that the Denver show is on the 20th of April, anyone else going to that show? Was going to see if fellow Lj'ers wanted to meet up or something before the show. I'll probably have a mini posse coming along :)
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Can anyone post the rumored tour dates that were posted a month or so ago? I want to compare those and see if any of it held true. They may have been posted in alt.fan.u2 or on interference or something...
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okay. i don't want to miss out on the pre-sale.
and so i just want to make sure.
so if someone can tell me if i am right or wrong...or whatever...

okay. so i'm buying tickets to a european show...and the the the pre sale begins
at 10AM GMT on Tuesday the 25th...

and im in ohio..so...whats the time difference? 5 hours?
does that mean I need to be up at 5 am to buy tickets? lol

i'm very confused. this tour excitement has gone to my head and has caused it to stop working correctly.

sorry. haha :)

presale codes!!

Fortunately, U2 is coming to Seattle in April and I am reallly excited. Although, I didn't get membership to U2.com, I feel inspired after reading JulyLorelei's post and I thought I would post and ask if anyone else can't use their code. I would love an opportunity to snag the presale code. I would be willing to pay half of the u2 membership fee.

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anyone want a code?

Seeing as I'm in Cincinnati, and the first leg of the tour in North America doesn't come to Indiana or Ohio (I can't afford to drive to Chicago or Philly, because it's too much time off of work and my graduate school classes), would anyone want to use my presale code on Tuesday?

I think it's fairly clear that we can't save them for use on the second round of dates through North America in the fall. Hopefully they will issue new codes for those dates. In the meantime, I'm not going to use the one I have now. I figure you would have to log in as me to use it, but you can charge your tickets to any credit card. I'll just change my password later in the day when you're done.

I just wanted to throw that out there, in case anyone would be interested. If so, you can contact me at this username at hotmail, and we shall discuss. I hope they come back through Indiana and/or Ohio in the fall, after the European tour dates, or I'm going to be very upset, seeing as I missed the last tour entirely :P
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