January 24th, 2005

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I don't understand it. They're not going anywhere in the south. What about Atlanta, or Miami, or heck even TEXAS. Not a single show! Why come to America at all !?

Ugh. Oh well maybe NEXT time they decide to go on tour they'll think of us in the SOUTHERN portion of the UNITED STATES.
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I went to the second leg of the Elevation tour in Dallas and was so dazzled and amazed and moved that I decided that next time around I would go to as many shows in my area as possible. I live in Chicago now and they have two shows, May 7 and May 9, right after each other. I'm worried that the concerts will be exactly the same and maybe I should wait a bit until the schedule a concert for Wisconsin or somewhere else close before I shell out that much money for the same concert twice.

Anyone have any experience with going to two shows in a row?
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Some Questions about seating arrangements..

Hiya.. I'm new. Name's Nicole.. ;) Been a U2 fan since I was little (7) which was a long time ago. I'm 28. Anyway.. I have a question and I was wondering if anyone could help me? I heard the term mentioned in another post about ears and nose bleed seats. I'm guessing this means right next to the speakers and close to the stage? I've only been to concerts where I had GA standing, but this time I would like to get seats. In all the time I've been a fan I've never attended a U2 concert or any other seating.. So.. I was wondering how if when one gets seating if the stage can still be seen clearly from the back of the GA section. I know a lot of people in seats stand for concerts as well. I don't really have much of a height issue being 5'7" but I'm still concerned. If I'm going to be paying $160. or more I'd like to know what I'm getting into if possible..

Also.. from the other concerts I attended GA. There was some room to move about to run to the restroom, buy concessions.. ect and still work your way through the crowd and back to your original place.. Is it the same for a u2 concert? or do people just squish in and you're better not to move through out if at all.. From my vid collection.. doesn't look like too much room! :/

And also.. one last question.. I know for GA you have to stand in long, long, long lines.. is it the same for seating tickets.. or is there a separate line that lets you in faster?

Thanks for your time and responses in advance. :) I'm looking forward to being a part of this lovely community. x
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not to rain on anyone's parade...

Sooo, the U2 pre-sale tickets for U2.com members are going to go on sale
tomorrow. First of all, I haven't signed up yet because it's $40 but it should
really be $20 because I am a Propaganda member but I have been too busy with
other stuff in my life to follow up when I didnt get my "propaganda letter" with
my discount code or something like that. And THEN, tickets are going on sale at
the very WORST POSSIBLE time for me, I am in a financial bind that I had to
borrow money to get out of so needless to say, no extra money for $40 U2.com
memberships and no $49.50 + service fees for San Diego tickets. Bummer. So today
I will listen to no U2 music to observe this situation. I really am mildy
bummed. Oh well it happens this way with me, some tours the timing is perfect
and I am able to see lots of shows or some (like Zoo TV) I am lucky if I get to
see one show on the tour. It looks like it is going to be this way on this tour.

Regardless, I think I will go to San Diego on the 28th and wait until
the end of the show where I hear scalpers will sometimes then let the ticket go
for like $20 rather than not get anything for them at all. I dunno. Anyway,
hopefully things will be better for the 2nd leg. Still not the same thing as
getting to see them on Opening Night in San Diego!!!

p.s. I know I only have myself to blame but I just wanted to vent my bummedness!
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The Vertigo Tour dates have been announced!

Tour dates have been officially announced.

This note from my journal's entry might calm some worries: "Note the huge gaps between dates: they'll be adding more shows once the first nights sell out in some cities. I'm doubtful about any more cities being added, though the 28 April --> 7 May gap is odd."

U2Log.com have the stage setup.
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Received an envelope from U2.com today - it contained a letter printed on a small glossy picture of the band, and said:

Dear U2.com Member:
Thanks for joining U2.com - please find enclosed your unique membership keyring.
2005 is going to be a big year for the world's greatest rock band and U2.com Members will be at the heart of the action!
Look forward to seeing you on the road!
Best wishes,
//The U2.com team


I suppose I was under the impression that my membership card was going to be just that - an actual card that I could carry around in my billfold. But it's this sturdy metal black-red-and-silver keyring card. Anybody else received theirs?

Also, I'm in Phoenix and plan to attend the April 14th Glendale Arena show with my best friend Patrick. Any other Phoenicians on this list, or at least anyone else going to the Glendale show? Might be kinda cool to do like a meetup or something! :)

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Tour setlist?

We can only speculate which songs will played and at what order and I am conscious that some people want to be surprised so since I am not adept at using LJ cuts (computer illiterate here) I was thinking what songs do you hope they WON'T play just so that there is space for a song you DO want to hear. Here are a couple of songs that I dont hate of course, but I'd rather not hear live...
Bad- its been overplayed in concert IMO
One Step Closer
Yahweh- It would sound great on the P.A. like "Grace" though
Walk On
Stuck in a moment
I Will Follow-Overplayed IMO
Original of the species- I know it will be played though
Staring at the sun

What I really WANT to hear though:
A man and a woman
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Have the exact times of the shows been released? I am closest to the one in San Jose on April 9 BUT i'm returning from a trip that i have been planning for the past year that VERY same day. I was wondering if maybe i could run from the airport to the show. Does anyone have the time for the San Jose show?!?!?!


Look what I saw on the Twickenham Stadium website...

Following on from the hugely successful Rolling Stones 40 Licks concerts, ClearChannel Entertainment have confirmed Twickenham Stadium as the host London venue for U2's 2005 Vertigo Tour.

Tickets for the concerts, scheduled to be held on Saturday 18th and provisionally Sunday 19th June will go on sale on Friday 28th January from 9.00am through Ticketmaster on 0870 9020000 or www.ticketmaster.co.uk

That's good news for people who are speculating about the potential for extra dates based on demand!
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May 24 & May 26- Boston, MA Fleetcenter

anyone else going to try to go to this show? I already made sure that this coming sat. morning i wont be busy, since i didnt join the u2.com thing
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a good honest question...

as the band is not playing mn or anywhere near, save chicago, coming up i'm going to have bruises as i am kicking myself. i would like to ask the question that i hope is no for everyone.

as anyone here ever turned down a ticket to a u2 concert??

i have and i am kicking myself today still. October 29, 1997, the day that i will never be able to forget. i opted out of popmart because i was stupid and hung out with a bad crowd. (i skipped the concert for a weekly church thing)
not only would that have been my first u2 concert at the tender age of 10, it would have been my first concert ever. instead my first concert ended up being the rolling stones about a month later.

my head hurts
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ok kiddies, tour time! I plan on going to the show in NYC at MSG, and yes, waiting for hours and hours since it's on a weekend. ANybody going to the show wanna have a potluck? We can all bring something to eat and share, and w ecan all hang out while waiting?

I am in dire need of some advice....

Here is my dilema. I have purchased a U2 membership and my sister has as well. I am from Baltimore and I plan on purchasing tickets to the Philly show. My question is what kind of tickets should i buy? I would like to buy GA, but what would happen if i wasn't there early enough to get agood spot? In other words where would i end up? Where is the furthest i would be from the stage? Now my sister is stubborn and wants to buy seat tickets. So she won't need to get there early, but she is my transporatation to the concert. I just don't know what to do. Any advice? I have never been to a U2 concert and all of the other concerts i have been to i purchased seat tickets. Thoughts?

thanx tons
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For the U2 concert experts

I really hate to be clogging up your f-list with yet another of these "OMG CONCERT" posts, but I need to ask you a couple things. The NON-floor tickets: are they worth getting or can you barely see? And when do you think they're gonna be sold out (my parents would like more time to decide whether to let me go)? As to the floor tickets- what are the chances of getting smushed or groped, or fallen on by Bono? ;D
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Me again.. lol.. with yet another quesiton. ;)

Hi.. I must be one of the few that still lives in the dark ages.. but I have dial up.. :/ All the other times I've gotten tickets have been with friends getting them for me and me re-embursing them the funds. Now I'm wondering panicing that my connection might be too slow to get tickets online tomorrow.. Has anyone had experience with the ticket master site on dial up? How did it go.. Were you still able to get through. I know the site is going to be swamped come morning. Any advice.. Oh.. and is going by phone with the phone a option/ easier?

Thanks once again for your time and responses. :) x

Skipping to Order Tickets

I think I'm going to skip class tomorrow to order tickets.

Is anyone else taking time off from school/work etc to order? I'm really hating that I'm going to do this since it's only the second class of the year for this subject but I mean, it's U2.
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Chicago fans!!!!!!!!!

So, for the last tour I bought tickets online, early, first day of sale, and ended up with the cheapest seats, I was up in the boonies at the UC, yet still ended up being able to see. For this tour I'm trying for GA. Any speculation on how early to get there to get a relatively decent spot to stand? By decent I mean that I can see something other than the heads of the people in front of me. I am short. =) I'm trying to ballpark it because I already have the day requsted off, and I have someone coming from out of town to go with me.....and I need to estimate his travel time versus our arrival time. He suggested we just buy riot gear and casually wander in... ;-)
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oi, sorry all, another question to fill the pages of our little community..

I understand that we're limited to 2 tickets, for one show for the u2.com membership priority ticketing system.. is that limited to each leg of the tour? like, when the 2nd U.S. leg rolls around, will we be able to use our sub. number to get two tickets to a show in the 2nd leg tour as well?

I havent been able to figure this out, by what they are saying at the site.
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i have a proposition for someone.

i am buying presale tickets for the san jose show. if for some reason they don't come up as GA available, i'm going to buy seats. however when they go on sale on saturday i'm going to try for GA. i don't want to waste money completely, and i want someone who will appreciate the seats.

so if someone here doesn't have a code, but would be interested in buying my tickets if it works out in this manner, i would offer it to you at straight value.

anyone interested in arranging that as a what if situation?


i just thought this would be covering my bases of not being out money, as well as helping a U2 fan that couldn't get a membership. so let me know if you're interested at that email address and i'll let you know the details tomorrow. again it's for the san jose show

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Hey kids

I'm a paid-up subscriber to U2.com and so have the presale code. I am trying to get tickets for either the Barcelona or Madrid show, but the pre-sale dates are TBC. I assume this is because Ticketmaster doesn't cover Spain and so U2.com has to go through another retailer. My question is: does anyone have any idea when the pre-sale will be for Spain, and possibly even what ticket provider it will be?

Thanks! :D