January 25th, 2005

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No, I'm not going to ask anything about tickets, I'm Brazilian. *laugh*
I had to share these two videos I found with the guys from November 22, sorry if posted already. Left click...

2:13min - 4mb

4:21min - 8mb

I hope it works!

ETA - I'm assuming it works. No replies, but 11 downloads each file. *laugh* So I'm going to sleep now, I hope someone can upload again when they die.
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Don't feel bad about posting sad!!!!!

I'd just like to say that posting about being bummed out that U2 is not playing your area yet is ok. It is a legit whine IMO. I'd be incredibly bummed out too. I feel for you, as I am sure many others do. Hell I always have to travel over 900 or so miles to see them anyway, since I live in Monfreakintana, but I would still be really really bummed out.

I think it sucks to see people whining (right here in our community) about people who post bummed out posts about this. ESPECIALLY when U2 are playing about 4 shows in their general area right from the beginning of the flipping tour! IMO they are hypocrites because if they were faced with that disappointment I am positive they would be posting bummed out posts too!

Feel free to post disappointing posts about not having gotten the tickets you wished you could have gotten either (when all that shit goes down)... from experience I know there will be some elated people and some very very disappointed people.

Just remember we are one for fucks sake, and we all love the greatest band in the world. This is a U2 community and we come here to talk and hopefully get a little support when we are down about shit like this.

<3 <3 <3 <3

(I am running on about 3 hours of sleep so if i sound like i ride the short bus and lick the windows i am sorry!)
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ticketing once more

I apologize in advance for even more ticket questions.

What is the best way to get GA tickets? I have a relatively fast internet connection, but we are going to need four or five tickets so we'll have to use different credit cards to get them. Is telephone better/more effective? Is there somewhere to stand in line?

I live in Boston, by the way, and I'm going with some of my friends (which happens to exceed the 2 ticket limit, grr). How many GA tickets are generally available, and will it be sold out less quickly because it's a Thursday show?

Thanks in advance. I've never seen U2 live, I missed out on Elevation because I wasn't a hardcore fan enough, and I've been waiting for this for years. *is excited beyond belief*
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arg, whats up with the obvious lack of communication from the folks organizing the tour. ticketmaster.com says the denver's show presale is today.. as in shouldve started oh about 7 minutes ago..

but then u2.com says the denver show doesnt go on sale till saturday.. i was definately killing the refresh button, thats for sure...
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Consolidate the bitching!

For anyone who didn't have any luck with buying tickets. Like ME.

Curse you Penn State, for making me do all this crap to even get to a computer that has Internet access. Curse hiking across campus, which also made me late. CURSE TICKETMASTER FOR BEING SO BACKED UP! Gahhhhh I don't know what we're going to do. If it's this bad for the presale, what will it be like for the regular date? *cries*

Anyway, like I said-- if you have similar sob stories feel free to vent here, as unorthodox_muse said.
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that was the most nerve-wracking presale I have ever been a part of. INTERNAL ERRORS?! I got all the way to the credit card information screen before it booted me out... luckily my boyfriend's got the luck of the Irish on his side. see some of you west-coasters at the Staples Center on the floor, Apr 5! good luck everyone ;)
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I got terrace seats for the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim (the $49 variety).

Section: 403
Row: Q
Seats: 5 to 6

I know this is a stupid question, but does anyone want to trade for floor?

Trying to get Staples Center tickets

Well let's see. Logged on at 10:00 on the dot and got Internal Server Error for 6 or 7 minutes straight, and then the tickets were gone. Tried Anaheim, San Diego and even San Jose just for the heck of it. Nothing.

I keep trying again randomly.

At 10:16, I get through. I get in the wait line 7 minutes wait. Get tickets; nosebleed seats, but at least they're tickets. Select them, pay for them and then.....Internal Server Error. My order did not go through.

And now the tickets are gone again.

Yep, I another one who's so glad I paid my $40 for this.
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everyone, have hope - usually they release GA tickets in batches, if you try again later today or even tomorrow you could luck out... plus, don't forget the rumors that the existing dates are going to be beefed up (just one night at the Staples Center and Madison Square? come on!) AND they will be doing the additional US leg. Not to mention the general sale on Sunday. I just wish scalpers and Ebayers didn't take such horrible advantage of the presales - the prices they put on these tickets are exorbitant and horrifying.

my fingers are crossed for everybody, good luck!
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Hey, guys ...

I'm thinking about creating a petition of sorts that someone in the front of the egg of each show can toss to the band, describing all the crap we've gone thru, and then we can collect signatures in the line. It would detail the issues of unfulfilled, reniged Prop subscriptions, FanFire madness, and now the Ticketmaster fiasco.

Anyone wanna help me put something together like that? Then we can link the Word doc or a PDF and have people download it for signatures. The only way the band is gonna know about this is if we contact them directly.

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Who would be interested in a U2 Boston community? There seems to be a preponderance of us around here, and we could swap info and bootlegs, etc. for the tour. Any takers?
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Is anyone else still getting the constant 'Internal Error' Message?? Oh it's going to crush me if I don't get to see them on tour for this album. I love it even more then the AYCLB album! I know there are people out there more dedicated then me and who will go to any length to see them. I just can't afford the money that takes and I don't think any human should be so elevated to a level of almost true god like status. Anyway, is anyone else in the NorCal Bay Area going to be standing in line for tickets this Sunday? I'd love to meet up and suffer together!

I'm happy.

So I managed to get tickets to May 18 in NJ. Okay seats, but I really thought they were going to be better. I wish it wasn't a two ticket limit, looks like I need to get more when they go on sale to the the general public.

Did the tickets sell out already??

Question: What is your opinion on GA tickets? I'm thinking of getting them next week, and was wondering how it worked. For example, you get there early and what not, are you assigned a number or something? Or is it just a mad dash inside?

Hope everyone was successful.

Much <3.
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Los Angeles Tickets - Update

Well, I kept trying until 11:00 and then went and did some other things. Came back and tried one more time and GOT THROUGH.

Nose-bleed seats in the 300 section, but that's the same as I bought and didn't receive at 10:16, so I can't really complain. At least I am in the door.
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Hallo, Deutschland!

Hi all! For all you German-speaknig folks amongst U2 fans - I have created a community u2_de. Feel free to share news, experience, pictures, links, etc. that might be interesting to the German residents. Vertigo Tour is coming up - let us prepare! :)

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well i counted on my sister to get me tickets this morning for philly and she couldn't get through. she said she tried for an hour. I am really bummed. There is only one ticket left in philly it is in the lower level. i wish i could go so bad. So does that mean that philly is pretty much sold out? or should i try on saturday for tickets with the general public? also does that mean i can use my code for when they come to dc or baltimore in the 3rd leg (if they come)? anyone know?
thanx in advance
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As I flip through the LJ posts, I realize I am quite lucky to get my tickets. I logged onto U2.com at 9 am, reloaded the site once every minute (I hope this didn't block anyone :( ). By 10:05 I was checking out of ticketmaster with two GA seats to the May 26 Boston show.

At this point I have become real disgusted witht the scalpers who are already hawking tickets on eBay, with those who manage the preseale, and even with the band itself for letting this happen with their concert and their fans.

For those of you without tickets, I wish you the best of luck this Saturday and up to the concert you want to attend. The bitter taste in my mouth is going to take a while to wash out.


For all the fans that were screwed out of tickets today, we should all send BACK those U2 membership cards. Wouldnt that be a sight? A huge box of all those little U2 cards piling up in the Inbox....Just an idea...
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it just keeps getting worse

So as I sit here and read about the the horrid-ness that is involved with purchasing tickets today, I come to realise it will be very hard for me to get tickets this weekend for the Boston show's. But Im a trooper and will beat my computer and phone until it works.

The only thing positive I had right now was my Keane concert on the 5th at the Orpheum. Rite? No. The show has been pushed week back. No big deal? Wrong. My brothers talent show is that weekend and no he needs to skip a show. I hate for him to do it since he loves music.

The irony in all of this? Music is something we love and live through (in a way). It helps us in times when we need it, and helps us in times even when we dont.

I dont think I'm making all too much sense, but the bottom line: today is not one of those days where music is doing what it is supposed to do

Good luck to everyone getting boston tickets this weekend
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Okay. Well i didn't fork over forty bucks for membership on U2.com, hence i have no "pre-sale woes"

Through reading all of the unhappy messages it makes me sad for everyone. For the people who got ripped and U2. I'm really only sad for U2 b/c somehow they tried to do something honest and nice, and now it comes off as anger towards them and their lack of commnication.

("All Because of You" is on the tv now and i feel like changning it)

This whole thing disgusts me.
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i heart you


i know i should know this but i dont. are tickets that are on sale right now ONLY for the U2.com members? if not where can i get them if im not a member?

yes, i know im a failure for not being a member.

i PROBABLY wont even be able to go b/c of my trip!!!

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(no subject)

does anyone want 25% off the U2.com store?

them offering 25% off hundred-dollar lithographs for a $40 membership, after the events of today, just annoy me.

just comment and the coupon code is yours.
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I thought I'd weigh in with my two cents here. I didn't pay the $40 but after having gone through a couple of internet pre-sales through the years with U2 (Elevation), Radiohead, and Coldplay, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that internet pre-sales are a piece of shit (though I understand that when you pay $40, you'd expect a piece of shit to be a little less smellier). Internet pre-sales make about as much sense as a Bush economic plan. First of all, it seems to me that internet pre-sales at the very most release only a couple of hundred tickets per show and with this internet pre-sale, I'm assuming only a small percentage of those were GA. If you put that in mind, with a band as popular as U2, you're going to get lots and lots of people who are going to get majorly pissed. It pretty much becomes the equivalent of a radio call-in contest.

Also, let's not have an overreaction about how U2 don't care about their fans. Let's count the ways, shall we?

1. U2 have the tendency to sign autographs for fans who wait outside the backstage area.
2. They still managed to do shows while Bono's dad lay dying an ocean away. They then performed at Slane days after he died.
3. When a bunch of fans waiting in line signed a letter asking them to play "When I Look at the World," they learned the chords and performed a snippet of it.
4. They didn't cancel the our after 9/11 while acts left and right were.
5. They pulled random fans out of the crowd and they got to jam with the band.

We could go on and on here.

Honestly, unless they're willing to release as many tickets as the people who signed up, U2 just shouldn't do internet pre-sales. They're a big fucking hassle and they piss too many people off to be worth it.

is there some place we can complain

like many here i am incredibly pissed how things worked out with the pre-sale. i paid my $40 and hoped against hope that i might score GA's or atleast first level. at 10.05 all that was left in philly at the $49.50 range was nosebleeds. i just went through and read the subscription rules. from my new understanding your yearly subscription is only good for 2 presale tickets the entire year. not 2 tickets each leg and not buy 1 ticket now get another later. 2 tickets end of story. so when U2 announce more dates all those who used their code this round are out of luck. after 20 years of folling the group i am just about at the end of my rope.
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Hey guys,

I was looking for some tickets for the U2 tour in Brussel, Belgium, and it says on this site: http://www.budgetticket.nl/

It says they are:
249 Euro
174 British Pound
325 US dollars!!!!!!


Is this a joke or are the tickets of this show really this expensive!?

Or is this just because it's like a pre-order, that they are this expensive?
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My heart is breaking.....

Here is my response to the U2page.com letter and a note to MTV news. ....

Collapse )

and here's the note to MTV News:

Just a suggestion but you might check out the growing pissed off legions of U2 fans, tired of being ripped off. It's growing and growing and maybe if MTV looked into it the band might see it from the fans perspectives. Here's a URL to check out:


Also look at www.interference.com/ and even the message boards at U2.com.

What happens when fans of the biggest band in the world get shafted, check it out.
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contact the right people...

so i know this journal is already mobbed, and i'm adding to it with something other people have already mentioned, but its important we complain to the right people. i mean venting here is good for our mental well being but if we want something done we need to take action, so everyone who was wronged by the presale mess or feels the pain of those wronged contact the following people. feel free to add any others. maybe if we make enough noise they'll put more tickets up for presale, it can't hurt...


Rolling Stone Magazine
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104 - 0298
(212) 484-1616

379 W. Broadway, suite 304
New York, NY 10012

Letters to the RS.com editor:

You Tell Us:

Contact your local radio station:
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I've been a memeber for a while, but am usually quiet.

After seeing how many tickets are being auctioned off on e-Bay, I'm pretty disappointed with the scalpers. Even though U2 is not coming to Detroit anytime soon, I still decided to write a letter with a plan to stop these scalpers from scalping:

Although I know tickets are not going on sale anytime soon for Detroit, I've heard several complaints about people purchasing GA tickets for $50 and auctioning/selling them on eBay for $400 each, which is as good as scalping. It concerns me that this may happen for future shows, and I'm asking U2/Ticketmaster to implement a plan possibly printing the buyer's name on the ticket when they purchase it, and IDing people at the entrance of the venues to prevent more people buying tickets from Ticketmaster to sell them at outrageous prices on eBay.
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Combatting the negativity

1 - Public sale is still coming. Lots of tix left!

2 - Put on Rattle&Hum and watch the Sun Devil Stadium scene... *GOOSEBUMPS*

no matter how crappy the tix we get are - we're still GONNA BE THEEEERRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

It's killing me to see so many people upset. I've been a fan for 21 years and never managed to be in the right place/right time/have enough $ to get to a show in all those years. So now in my 30s this is going to be my first one ever. Maybe for the jaded folks who're used to seeing the band 2 or 3 times every tour since JT or ZooTV or POPMart this is "just one more round of frustration"... not for me, and not for every kid out there who's just become a fan, you know? Yeah I got waay-far-back seats. Yeah Ticketmaster sucks. No argument there.
BUT - We're GOING TO THE SHOW! And the "official sale" hasn't even happened yet! We haven't lost anything. Not yet.

We're going to be there!

(no subject)

So, amongst all the rage at Fanfire and U2.com stuff, something no one's really mentioned so far...

Anyone notice how crappy the ticket prices were divided up in the arenas? Like...there's basically three levels, $50, $90, and $160. On Elevation, if I remember right, the $130 were basically the lower bowl in the front half of the arena, and the back half of the arena, even the lower bowl, was like $85. The upper bowl in the back was mostly $45.

Just scanning some of the sales today, seats that were mid-priced in 2001 are now $160, including ones in the opposite end of the venue and certain sections of the upper bowl. (i.e. decent seats, but not $160 seats, IMO). It seems as if the top prices which used to make up only a small percentage of the total tickets are now a fairly large chunk of the arena, and they've moved the lower price ranges much farther back away from the stage.

It really blows, I was hoping to get a mid-level ticket for one of the California shows if I couldn't get GA, but $100 (including the TM fees) is an awful lot to pay to be in a nosebleed, even for U2.
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(no subject)

I know it has been a really shitty day for a lot of folks.... I read this on the u2page.com comments and I thought it was worthy of posting here... very very funny.... or something......


Unos dos tres catastrophe!!!!

‘Turn it up Sebastian’

Site goes down, it’s dark
There’s turmoil in your head
You can hear your heart
You feel a dread so much stronger than
you thought ,Your eyes are wide
And you sold your soul
It can be bought
But then you start to wonder........

Hello, hello (f*ck that!)
I’m in a place called limbo (ticketbastard!)
I can’t refresh the page as you already know
Can you please help me someone?
I can’t Fail, Fail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This site is full of holes
As the touts steal the tix
to sell for gold
They laugh as the
Boys play rock and roll
They know they can sell
And take our souls

I can’t stand this page
Would you rather take a cheque?
The girl fromticketbast*rd
Will have my hands round her neck
Listening to the bullshit
Listening to the bullshit
Ooooon Hold, Ooooooon Hold!

Hello hello (F*ck that)
I’m in a place called limbo (ticketbast*rd)
A pre-sale code that they say they do not know
Can you please help me someone?

I can't fail!!!, Fail !!!!

Oh yeah
Hours of fun…

*Sebastian Clayton vocal* :
none of this, none of this will be yours
none of this, none of this will be yours
none of this, none of this will be yours
Just give me 40 bucks for nothing in return….

Hello hello (f*ck that)
We’re in a place called Limbo (Ticketmaster!)
I can’t refresh the page as you already know
Can you please help me someone?

I can feel the life draining out of me, you f*ck ups are teaching me how.....

how to scream!!!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Posted by new single lyrics at January 25, 2005 09:51 PM
faith &amp; giles!

A general plea!

ok guys, I know this didn't turn out the way alot of us would have liked, I know we're frustrated, we're upset. But yeah, we ARE seeing our band! I know some of us got tix today, and might try to get better ones in general sale, I myself was lucky to get 2 tix, not on the floor but sec 238 of the continental airlines arena in nj. I'm glad I did.


If any of you DO manage to get better tix, and feel like selling the ones you've already got,please, even with your frustration, sell to a fan that wasn't fortunate enough, one who didn't manage to get a membership or who went through the hassle to end up with nothing today. I think we owe it to each other, as loyal fans, to not become like the hated scalpers.

If I do end up getting better tix, and selling the ones I already have here in this comm, I would def sell them for exactly what I paid for them. It's only fair and it's only right, U2 fans deserve to see a show more than a scalper 'deserves' that 3-600 bucks.


Sleep or call? That's the question!

Well, I live in The Netherlands, but when they play in the Amsterdam Arena, I'm on vacation :|

So, My sister, her friend (he's 30, so he knew U2 from their October era, he says that era rocks so hard) and me, are going to see U2 in De Koning Boudewijn Stadion in Brussel.

Tickets are 65, in te second standing erea.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, on the belgium ticket site you'll have to sign up for a membership so you can call for tickets by phone, on the 29 of January after 10 o'clock in the morning. And just when I filled out the application form, and when I click next, THE FUCKING THING WON'T GO TO THE NEXT PAGE, I hate this shit... really...

(sorry for my bad temperature)

Ok, here's my question:

If I get through the application form, is it worth to call? because maybe the lines will be overburd (is this the right word?)? And then, when I get through, sold out? Is this possible?

Or is the chance bigger if I go to Belgium and sleep with my sleeping-bag in front of a post office at 4 o'clock in the morning?

What's the best solution?
most recent me!

isn't it ironic?

with all of the upset people trying to get the "best" u2 tickets online today, i find it rather funny and ironic that i got my u2 membership card in the mail today... heh...

still hoping that things improve before the next leg of US dates is announced... *sigh*
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lets get the scalpers...

so i was thinking about things some more, and kind of feel for u2 because even if they would have offered more tickets there would have been a large percentage going to scalpers. Now for some reason completely beyond me scalping isn't illegal in the entire country, but it is in some states. Ebay actually lists the states and their laws here

at the bottom of that page is a link to report problems, i say any of us that have the time should find some of the auctions that are in violation of state laws and get them shut down. (just a note you have to go through all those categories before you get a chance to just e-mail them.)
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(no subject)

I don't really want to repeat what other people here have already said too much, so sorry if you've already seen ten or so of these posts, but does anyone feel as if the bubble has burst a little bit? Maybe it's just me being oversensitive, but all these recent events, and me reading that open letter, have bought me down to earth with a heavy thud from my previous fandom bliss.
I mean, I got tickets, but I don't feel particularly brilliant for getting them. Maybe it's just me, I don't know. I'd just be interested to know how everyone else is feeling right now.