January 26th, 2005


..all this legal babble..

For anyone believing in legal action

This is in response to the letter posted regarding what people can do about the "promise" made by U2.com for this presale... not to burst anyone's bubble, but I just think that this should be read, since I know a lot of people want to take action (we're U2 fans, aren't we?) and it's not worth getting really revved up about some of it. Why then...?

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Result from Ticketmaster UK

Dear U2.com Subscriber

It has come to our attention that you experienced problems in
purchasing tickets via the Ticketmaster website yesterday. As you are probably
aware, Ticketmaster experienced an incredibly high demand for tickets
for this eagerly awaited tour. As a result, unfortunately, some
subscribers were timed out of the website and found that when they attempted to
continue with their transaction, their unique six-digit U2 Fan Club
security code was no longer valid. For security reasons, this code was
designed for one-time use only.

We are pleased to confirm that as from 10:45am today, you will be able
to use your unique access code again to purchase tickets for the UK or
Belgian U2 shows. Please note that all ticket sales are subject to
ticket availability for the date and venue requested.

The following is IMPORTANT INFORMATION concerning your access code and
how to purchase tickets as part of the presale. Please read carefully.

Please note that the presale is ONLY for the following shows in the UK
and Belgium:

Event Date Town Venue

10 Jun 2005 - Brussels - Roi Boudoin

14 Jun 2005 - Manchester - City of Manchester Stadium

18 Jun 2005 - London - Twickenham Stadium

21 Jun 2005 - Glasgow - Hampden Park

29 Jun 2005 - Cardiff - Millenium Stadium


Your access code is available in your Member Area once you log in to
U2.com and contains 6 (six) case sensitive characters, for example xyz123

Your access code was also emailed to you by U2.com and was highlighted
like this --->xyz123<---

To use your access code to purchase tickets, you MUST first visit
http://onsale.ticketmastereurope.com/U2 to select the show of your

When asked for your access code, you MUST enter ONLY the exact six
characters of your access code.

You can purchase up to 4 tickets for a single show of your choice.

Please note that multiple bookings using the same access code will be
cancelled and refunded.

If you have successfully completed a booking then you should not
attempt to re-use your code as it will not be valid.

Once again Ticketmaster would like to apologise to you for any problems
that you may have experienced in purchasing tickets from the
Ticketmaster website.

Thank you for your attention

U2 Gateway Help, Ticketmaster UK

Please do not reply to this email as it will not be received.


I know its easy to say (I had 25 hours of it!!) but those of you in Europe do keep trying. THE CODES ARE NOW WORKING!!!!!!!!!

I got mine 30 mins ago, still in shock.

The tickets are out there.

Goodluck everybody.
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The Alarm - James

Bored Now!

I might just leave the community for a while it's all getting a bit boring ..

Yes there has been ticket problems .. this is exatly the same as what happened on the last tour! and with festivals like Glastonbury in the UK etc

Live with it no-one has a god given right to get a ticket for any show .. (unless your Mrs Hewson!)

Moaning to magazines, U2 management, agents won't work ... all that agents care about is selling the tickets to maximise their profits ... not who gets them .... yes this is an advance sale and more will be available but then the ticket agencies will be on melt down again anyway ....

Yes I want to see U2 again this summer in the UK .. am I prepared to pay £50+ a ticket forget it ... this weekend I'm away in Wales for a 2 day convention of fine anthemic melodic music from one of U2's oldest touring friends when they duel headlined shows in the USA in 1983 and it's costing me £33 for 2 nights music up close and personal ...
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Of interest to people who want to know Why...

An article from the Attorney General of the State of NY about Ticketmaster's scalping practices and corruption, reposted from the @U2 forums.

"Thus, the average disappointed consumer walks away with the suspicion that the tickets could not have all been sold, through the normal means, quite that fast. He or she often believes that someone, somewhere, had an "in," and that dutifully waiting on line or telephoning repeatedly was, in reality, an exercise in futility. To a large extent, that frustrated consumer is correct. This report attempts to explain why and highlights the myths, half truths, and outright criminality that causes the scarcity of tickets."

Point your anger at the right cause, guys.....
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Onwards and upwards

This is not a rebel ticket bitching post...

... I'm trying to do a little self-diagnosis of my ticket problem.

Did anyone else try to buy tickets in the European pre-sale and get told that you had taken longer than the allocated five minutes to fill out the form?

I did, twice. The second time I definitely didn't take longer than three minutes.

Anyway, my main question is:
There were two boxes on the second-to-last page when ordering; the lower of which asked for your credit card's security number. The one above it asked for something for which 'solo' was an option. I left that box blank 'cause I wasn't sure what it meant.

Having not heard anyone complain about the time-out thing happening to them, I'm just fretting that that little wee box is the problem.

Help? :)
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