January 28th, 2005

Assistance Needed!

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if someone has or might know where to find the Larry counterpart to this picture:
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I'm (potentially) doing a project on U2 and was hoping to use these images but the site I found them on - U2 Take Me Higher - is missing that one picture. Thanks in advance!
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Ticket buying advice

My wife and I are planning on going to the U2 Philadephia show in May, but I have a question that maybe some of you seasoned concert goers can answer for me. You see, I've never had to buys tickets to a concert this big before. Is it still customary to get in line the day before? Does one of us need to drive down to Philadephia Friday night to make sure we are in line for the 10am box office opening? We want to get General Admission Floor tickets.

There are other TicketMaster outlets much closer to us than Philly. Will going to one of them early Saturday morning be good enough? Do people still get in line the day before? Can I just log in to TicketMaster.com to get my tickets ASAP Saturday morning, or do you think the GA tickets will be gone in a blink of an eye and I will be SOL?

Obviously, the real answer should be that I should have signed up for the fan club to get in on the presale, but I can't change that now.

Anyway, anyone have any advice? Thanks :)
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What about Florida?

I've been a bit out of the loop lately, and I just got the tour info... but damn. I thought they were not only playing in Florida, but starting the tour in Miami as well?! I don't want to have to wait until fall to see if maybe they add some shows in Florida!

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I certainly don't look at the ticket issue as a reason to dis the band.  Even though it was impossible to even get to the page to order and even though my code was invalidated, judging by the fact that most of us were unlucky it wouldn't have made any difference.  Besides that, I never expect to have GA, of course if the opportunity presents itself I won't complain!!  So when the presale began, I asked for any pair whatsoever, and left it at that.  That was from experience because we all know how Elevation presales were handled.  So yeah my disappointment over no availability of Staples Center tixs was minimal, and the upward potential of Ju-bi-la-tion when simu2fan told me about Anaheim tixs that we scored was much more worthwhile.  The most fulfilling experience for me was watching friends of mine just getting inside, just getting GA, just getting on the floor, there were scores of opportunities once all the tickets were onsale and events like people getting GA and then having to try and sell whatever seats they already had.

2 questions...

I Just found out this morning how much the cheapest ticket is (49.50) and the tickets go on this saturday...I am poor!!! I work like 8 hours a week (my hours were cut) and I have bills and loans, and I really want to go...but now I have no one to go with, and I can't afford to buy a ticket for someone else...I don't know what to do. But anyway, my question is...Does anyone know why they are so expensive? Mabey I'm a dope and I didn't see if anyone else posted anything about this...I'm sorry if they did and I didn't see it. I also have another question, but it's from my friend...he wants to know if anyone has heard the vertigo remix by trent reznor and what you think of it... thanks!!!

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Adam a night well spent
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Hey everyone.

All this talk about tickit limitation has really thrown me into a panic. I really would like to see U2 at more than one show!

I just wanted to pass on some information. This afternoon, I telephoned Ticketmaster and spoke to a representative to ask about the ticket limitations in the US. She said there is an 8 ticket limit per show but that we can buy for as many venues as we wish. She put me on hold to doublecheck with her supervisor and returned with the information that there is no limitation on how many venues we can purchase for. She said we can purchase tickets for every venue and every date if we wish.

I certainly hope this is the case. Good luck to everyone in the general sale!


Hello all! I've been a U2 fan for aaaaages but for some reason i just realised i wasn't in a community on LJ, lol.
Anyway, what prompted me to join at this moment is because after 7 hours of queuing in the VERY cold scottish morning, i now have two standing tickets for the Glasgow gig ^__^
And being as obsessive as i am, my pals - even the ones who are going! - are bored of me talking about it already, so hopefully i can add some equally mad fans from here hehe!!!
Anyone else managing to catch a gig?

Laters! x


Ticketmaster.co.uk is reporting a complete sell out of all their allocation to all UK shows.

When I went to Popmart (I missed Elevation) I saw them in a stadium and had crappy nosebleed seats. It was really empty - in fact, I got to move up 10 rows because there was just no one in the cheap seats. Did any of you have similar experiences?

I'm so very much looking forward to the atmosphere in the GA of a sold-out stadium.

(I promise not to gush about this over the next 5 months, just excited today!!)

tickets? what tickets?!

has anyone on here read Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2 by Steve Stockman. I just finished it...twas a good read.

so let's see...other than that, t-minus 17 hours til i can get some boston tickets. grand ;)
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There was links to U2's performance on SNL from Dec. 9, 2000 a few days ago, songs Beautiful Day and Elevation. Too bad people didn't re-upload them, so I didn't manage to download Elevation. Would someone be so kind and upload it again? Thanks in advance.

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okay, i'm a little confused.

I'm in the UK, and I bought 4 tickets through the presale. I also bought two more tickets today for a different date, but not through ticketmaster. I know there is this 4 limit policy in place (blah), but does this just apply to ticketmaster, or does it apply to all websites selling concert tickets?
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NY people--

Q104 (104.3) is doing an A-U2 weekend (like A-Z... hahaha). You can win tickets to see them as well! I'm not hopeful for getting through for that, but they're playing all their songs in alphabetical order!
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I was in HMV today (my brother bought me the Best of 1990-2000 DVD...long story involving parental anger), and when the sales assistant saw it she got all excited and went on about how Marvellous Bono is and how he Rocks etc etc. Apparently she got so carried away that she forgot to put the other DVD in the box. I do understand.

{It is very hard to be pessimistic when watching the video clip for Discotheque}
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