January 29th, 2005

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When are the tickets available to the general public?

Probably a "well, duuuh!" question, I know, but I just went to the Ticketmaster website and they're a-claimin' that they go on sale this monday (1/31), not today (1/28). I've been shying away from anything u2-ticket-purchasing-related in the past few days (because it's been, well, madness), but now I'm just confused.

When do they go on sale??


[UPDATE: Alright! Thank you guys... I was looking at the on-sale date for Madison Square Garden in NYC, which, yesh, don't go on sale until monday. THE MYSTERY (or my cluelessness, at the least) HAS BEEN SOLVED!!]

Thank you all :)

so i sent out the this morning to try my hand at the general ticket sale after the presale debacle. got on ticketmaster..com, did the refreshing my san diego tickets finally became available, tried to get them.... sold out. damn the world. so i was rather distraught decided to read live journal, see how others had made out. heard about people getting tickets after it said it was sold out and more shows becoming available so headed back to tickemaster.com tried again, started getting all sorts of errors wound up closing all my windows, reopening the main page, new date added... and its a san diego one. head to that, tickets not available yet, refresh, refresh, finally become available go for it and got my little general admission ticket :) very very happy.

oh and the San Diego Union Tribune even mentioned the presale debacle, and i must say based on u2.com's announcements it made it seem as if the new dates would have presale availability before general sale which was definitely not the case... but i got my tickets so i guess i should just be happy.
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sweet, so this second time around, everything runs smooth, and boom after waiting 2 minutes i get "internal server error" and when i refreshed, i couldnt even view tickets. something about the server has too many people, yada yada yada..

moral to the story 2 tries (presale, today) and i yield 0 tickets :(
i believe (like everywhere else) the denver show has sold out, so im crossing my fingers they add another date.

i promise thats the last time i'll be bitching and whining ;)

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I already have two tix from the pre-sale, but I wanted to try to get better ones (I'm in the balcony at the Fleet center in Boston). Nope, sold out in a blink.

They added a third show in Boston.

Nope. Sold out right away.

Yeesh. Guess I'll have to deal with my nosebleeds.
Well, that's what you get when you're dealing with the biggest band in the world ;)
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U2 Apologizes for Site's Ticket sale debacle

Don't know if anyone posted this already. If so I'll delete it.

U2 apologizes for site's ticket sale debacle

By Greg Kot
Tribune music critic
Published January 29, 2005

Complaints about U2's bungled pre-sale for its 2005 world tour continued to pour in Friday, with ticket brokers and scalpers offering tickets to the shows --including the Chicago dates -- for more than 20 times face value.

The band Friday apologized to fans who paid $40 to U2's official Web site, U2.com, for pre-sale privileges beginning Tuesday only to be left without coveted $49.50 general-admission floor tickets nearest the stage, or no tickets at all. Dozens of prime U2 tickets ended up in the hands of third-party profiteers. By Friday, tickets to U2 shows around the country, including the ones May 7 and May 9 at the United Center with top-end prices of $95 to $165, were being sold on eBay for more than $1,000 each.
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Woohoo! I'm going!

I got tickets to the show at the Pepsi Center in Denver! Yay me!

Even better? My boyfriend bought them for me!

Still even better? It's my first concert ever, and it's U2!

Yay me!
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GAs for the new Boston show are going for $700 apiece on ticketmagic.com. And they have plenty of them.

This is disgusting.

EDIT: Oops, I was looking at the San Francisco show. Still, 50 GA for SF?
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Fleetcenter, Boston, MA
Thursday May 26, 2005 7:30 pm

Seat location: section GAFLR

holy f-ing shit!

scarily enough the first time i tried it was "sold out" of GAs, and i refused to accept that and tried again immediately, and after "searching" and making bizarre clicky noises at me for what seemed like FOR-FRICKEN-EVER it pulled those up.

i didnt even know they added a Saturday date, that's cool though.

and there's still chances guys, my brother got GAs for the providence show on larry'd b-day back on the elevation tour day of show, and that was "sold out" too. there always seems to be a few lucky ones that hold out in the ticket line day of and walk away with tickets.

something is very, very wrong

This morning, I rose early to help a friend by attempting a purchase for Philly. When the onsale began, the first thing that came up for me was Section 228 or something like that, behind the stage. I tried again for the added Philly show, same thing happened. I chalked up the lack of success to the internet and the fact that loads of people were hitting the site at the same time.

Then I went to a TM outlet for the San Diego onsale. I was the first in line, the first of three. Two friends of mine were also first in line at two different outlets. We kept tabs on one another via phone.

When the onsale came, the lady behind the computer hit the ticket button as soon as the onsale started, and the very first tickets to come up were section LL. No floor. One level up. The second person in line was like me, wanted floor, so the third guy in line bought the LL tickets. They were $200something. Keep that in mind, because it's important for later.

When the lady printed the tickets, after the guy paid, the tickets were the same price but were in the very back of the Sports Arena, near the rafters. The lady called TM and got the guy's money refunded.

A quick phone call to a friend confirmed that the first tickets out of the other outlets' computers were also for seats.

The second show went onsale, and again, the lady hit the ticket button as soon as TM let her in, and again, the first seats out were LL. In fact, they were the same section that had come up for SD1, but this time, the pair was $400 -- well over $100 more than the same tickets for the first show. No floor tickets came up at all.

Another quick phone call confirmed that the exact same thing happened at the two other outlets.

Something is very wrong here. WHERE ARE THE FLOOR TICKETS??? I have an idea of where they went, and I'm thinking that these were very possibly spoken for before the onsale even started...check this out.

I don't think this is the band's fault. Tuesday was largely their bag, but today seems to involve many factors that have built up over time and have made an incredibly flawed system. PopMart was not this bad. Even Elevation wasn't...I bought tix for three shows at outlets the day of the general onsales, and I had GA for all three. But for no floor seats to come up right when the onsale begins...that waves a big red flag that something is very, very wrong.

While I said that I don't think today's issues are the band's fault, I do think that the band has some responsiblity as an entity that uses TicketMaster to look into where the system failed.

How'd the rest of you do?
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Another Chicago date was added, for May 10. I was trying to buy other Chicago tickets at the time and as soon as I saw a new one was added, I looked for GA, but it said they were gone. Everything was gone for the other shows in Chicago too. I cant believe I'm not going to be able to see the band that means an explicable amount to me.
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The Philly Show

I don't know if this will help anyone but I just called "Sherry's Tickets"(215) 561-5544 in Philadelphia. They have a bunch of second level tickets for $175.00. I bought two. It's better than the $700 they seem to be going for everywhere else. This didn't seem like a terrible price, so just thought I'd pass it along and maybe help someone out in this community.

SO YAY!! I have two tickets to U2!! To toot my own horn, I am one of the world's best girlfriends, these tickets are my gift to my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. :) hehe
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any chances of another show being added in boston? i know they added that 3rd show (sat). just wondering if anyone knew if a fri ro sun show was possible- and when they announce that

Tickets (like every other post)

I tried and tried for all of the Chicago dates. The best I could get was nosebleeds.

So incredibly frustrating esp because my 15 yr old cousin who hardly cares about U2 gots GAs for May 10th at the UC in Chicago.

But since my brother lives in Vegas, I promised to try for tickets for him when they went on sale. Result?

GAFLOOR in San Diego March 28th!!

I will skip classes.... exams.... papers for this...
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so i did get tickets.. for the 1st philly show. and they actually suck. i tried at exactly 10 o'clock and it told me that they didn't have anything matching my requests of 2 tickets, but i was in denial and so i kept trying and trying and finally got seats in section 221.. so i bought them only then to find that they had added another philly show and i might have been able to get better seats in that one. *sigh* oh well, i don't even care, as long as i get to see my U2! this will be my first concert.. :)

ticketmaster hasn't emailed me the tickets yet though. i got the order confirmation email but not the tickets. is that normal? the email says if i don't get them within 24 hours, contact ticketmaster.

AHHHH I'M SEEING U2<333333 (even if i am behind the stage and far away!)
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I'm not sure how many people know this for sure, but UK ticket people - it makes no difference if you've bought tickets from different retailers. If the tickets are being sent to the same billing address, one set of tickets will defintely be cancelled. I've called around five different ticket vendors and they've all said the same thing.

Chicago rules, even if our baseball teams sometimes don't!

So its 9:45 am when my alarm goes off and I roll out of bed, fly down stairs, say hello to the family, and immediately return, caffeine and cigarette in hand to begin the preparations for my U2 quest (which consisted of sitting on ticketbastard.com). Its 9:57 and my internet explorer locks up. I go BACK downstairs to the main computer (thank god we're all networked dorks in this house), bank card in hand. My check/debit card is the only piece of plastic I own. So, FINALLY at 10:02am, I am able to get into the site for tickets. Thinking that the first show is gonna be sold out already, I immediately go for the second show because yeah I'm not picky. TicketBastard times out once, then I try again and it takes 12 minutes, but I have Section 225, Row 5, Seats 7 and 8. Score. And only 49.50 apiece, so I'm totally stoked. Its behind the stage but whatever. I go to checkout.. get everything taken care of and submit my info.. and it comes back with an error that my card cannot be processed. After the debacle with my bank earlier this week (charges made online NOT BY ME), I had put a stop on an internet transaction. Well, those sons of.... they canceled my bank card, which I find out at 10:10am, and after my order timed out and someone else got my seats. Now I'm pissed. Then the third show was added. I'm still seething at this point but I'm getting desperate. My mother, lovely woman that she is gives me her credit card. I try for the third show, its already sold out. I'm losing hope so fast its insane. At the last minute as I was about to give up I see that they have added a fourth and final show. It takes my mom forever to log into TicketBastard with her account because the site is so bogged down with all of us rabid U2 fans across the nation. Finally nearly one hour, three sold out shows, a cussing of the bank's security department and 5 cigarettes later, I've got U2 tickets for the 4th show, May 12, 2005 at the United Center. You could tell me I had to stand in an aisle directly in front of a pole, with a blindfold on, and I am not even kidding you, as long as I could hear my favorite band in the world play, it WOULD NOT MATTER. Screw TicketBastard, screw the fanclub presale that denied SO many people good seats, screw my bank. But God love U2!!!!!!! <3

That all having been said I am going to listen to my bootleg copy of the Oct 15, 2001 Elevation show from the UC.
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And while I'm on a tangent.... I mean no one any disrespect, but, frankly, it really pisses me off to see people bitching about the seats they DID get. Stop and think about it. I mean I can see your point.. I'd love nothing more than to be in the middle of the GA section with Bono dripping sweat onto me from above.. we all would love that. But come ON. I have a friend that lives in San Antonio, I have friends in St. Louis, I even have friends in southern Indiana that are NOT going to get the chance to see them because WE (Chicago) are the only midwest stop. So, stop pissing about getting bad seats and BE GLAD YOU'RE GOING! I don't just mean this to the Chi-town fans.. I'm talking about everyone, whether it was a ticketing mishap, no tour stop, whatever. Besides, if you're that adamant about sitting in a pretty seat there are plenty of (shudders at the word) dirty scalpers you can buy 'em from if its THAT big a deal. I probably won't get to see a thing other than the back of the stage and the people screaming in front of me.. But it doesn't matter.


I am so sickened at what happened this morning on TICKETBASTARD.  Like hell I'm gonna give them kudos for ANYTHING.  FUCK TICKETBASTARD selling to that fucking scalper scum.  What a bunch of BULLSHIT. 

***I tried for 10 shows this morning***, as well as my boyfriend and mother (2 different states covered in this...3 different computers)..  NOT A DAMN SINGLE TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How in the hell can 10 shows go onsale and I cant get a single fucking ticket?  You cant tell me????  ITS BECAUSE TICKETBASTARD IS A FUCKING MONOPOLY FROM HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah...and I'm not the ONLY one that thinks so.  Good GOD this is a fucking ripoff from beyond infinity.  DISGUSTING.

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A few things to keep in mind while cursing ticketbastard

1. More tickets will go on sale for most of these shows. Keep your ear to the street, 'net, whatever-be on the lookout. They almost always release tickets later on. Particularly in the next few days as people's credit card issues cause them to get their orders cancelled. Also day of tickets are nearly always available for u2 shows. I have been to several shows by getting tickets this way. The various forms of u2 communities are good at tipping off to these events, but a lot of it is right time/right place kind of stuff. You have to be lucky in a lot of cases, but there's one certainty-if you give up on finding tickets through regular channels, you won't get any.

2. Demand to the first leg of this tour is phenominally high because they are only playing in 13 cities and missing large swaths of the country. I know a lot of people going to Chicago for the shows that don't live anywhere near there (myself included). This is behavior that would not be occuring as much if they were playing more cities. This demand is causing things to sell out quickly.

3. Work ticket connections in the U2 internet communities before you resort to scalping/ticket brokers-you'll be surprised what you might find.

4. They will be coming back this fall and probably doing more dates in NYC, Boston, Philly, Chicago, etc. in addition to many other cities.

Just some pointers. I've gone to many shows where I've paid no more than face value for tickets and didn't originally get the tickets on the original on-sale date by using a combination of the techniques above.

Don't resort to broker/scalper prices right now either, they are going to be super high right now because demand will be so much higher due to people getting hosed out of the public onsale. Wait a while if you do choose to go this route (and I strongly suggest using some of these other techniques first).

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If they know the demand is going to be huge (and how can they not), why aren't they playing stadiums here in the US? The Fleetcenter is... well, tiny, and it would make so much more sense to do it at Gilette Stadium like they did during Popmart.