January 30th, 2005

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Ok, I know we've all had trouble getting tickets. So is there a place where fans that want to sell/trade tickets with other fans can? We need one if there isnt one, because I am so desperate for GA..and I know others weren't even able to get tickets. And people shouldnt give the disgusting scalpers money. And we dont want 87,000 posts of people asking for tickets/selling tickets on here. Just some thoughts.
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Sold out after one minute?

At 9:58 PST, my stepmother and I went to ticketmaster(on different computers, at different houses) and tried to find tickets for san jose. Any price. Nothing.

I can't believe this. I'll keep looking, but...how can they be sold out so fast?

Edit: Noooo! I got three tickets, I put everything in, and my stepmom gave me her credit card number and I guess I wrote it down wrong, so I got my mom's card and time had expired

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U2 tickets

Hi people in U2 land. Ok, so I was one of the very, very, very luck ones who got a pre-sale ticket on Tuesday (althought it caused me enough stress and I thought I was going to have a stroke). Then today, I was trying like mad for a GA ticket to either show and I had no luck. I don't know what the ticket is and if you've gotten a GA ticket I'd like to know your secret because I had four browsers open and was already logged in and I still had no luck! Anyway, I did manage to get another ticket for the 9/10 show. Section 104, Row 20, seat 8. The thing is, I don't have this kind of money! I mean, I do but I shouldn't really be spending it on tickets no matter how much I love the Boys. So I'm thinking of selling my 9/10 show ticket. It's an email ticket (I know I'm silly, but I like the immediate satistfaction of holding my ticket) but if you know someone who is interested I'd be willing to sell it at face value. I think..... k.

Oh, the irony...

So I got a seat for Anaheim, since I'm gonna be out in California for family reasons that week (but I can't do GA for that day, plus I'm just gonna be by myself anyways), and then I have a friend who's up by the bay area, so I was trying to help her get tickets for the second San Jose show.

Low and behold, we both end up with GA. So out of San Diego, Anaheim, and 4 chicago shows, I FINALLY get a GA ticket...to a show I'm not actually going to. Isn't it ironic (don't you think?)...

So now I have a GA ticket...I'd like to trade for GA San Diego or Chicago, but I'm not holding my breath that that will happen, but hey, it's worth a shot...
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i heart you

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does anyone know if the second U2 San Jose show is sold out. i went to Ticketmaster.com and it seems as though thats the case? if not where can i get tickets if im not a U2.com member? s;dfjs;ldfjs;dlfj;lsdfj;lsl;dfjlbu3pq9rusajlkdhnc

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What U2 album can you go a ridiculously long time without listening to, then feel the innate need to hear over and over and over again, and notice something you didn't notice about it before? For me it would have to be "The Joshua Tree". Hands down its my favorite album anyway but for a long time I didn't listen to it because most of the stations around here play cuts from it pretty regular. Last night I popped it in at work, and listened over and over and over to "Bullet the Blue Sky" and the drums just....engulfed me...it was amazing...

Discuss =)
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eBay and tickets

The Sunday Times - Ireland

January 30, 2005

U2 ticket touts purged by eBay as fans lose out

TOUTS selling U2 concert tickets on the eBay auction website are being chased
off the web this weekend after action by lawyers acting for U2.com. Legal
advisers for the band’s website contacted eBay after thousands of tickets
appeared on the auction site a few hours after a special advance sale for fans.

Almost 3,000 listings for tickets for U2 concerts in America and Britain have
been offered on eBay for up to $425 (€325) each, several times their face value.
One seller offering two floor tickets to a Boston show for $495 boasts: “I have
tickets to U2’s entire North American leg of the tour.”

Ticket touts succeeded where many genuine fans failed last week, as the first
online advance sale by U2 caused widespread disappointment.

After paying $40 (€31) in membership fees for the right to buy tickets before
they went on sale to the public, some fan club members found the code they had
been given did not allow them to buy tickets — or that they could only buy seats
far back from the stage. U2’s official website and Billboard.com were bombarded
by complaints and some fans are threatening legal action.

This weekend U2.com was working with eBay to remove tickets being sold above
face value. The auction site does not allow the sale of concert tickets at more
than face value in American states where this is illegal.

One tout had posted up four tickets for an arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey,
with a starting bid of $1,699. Another had two tickets at Madison Square Garden
in New York for at least $629.

“U2.com, working with eBay, has already taken down 77 postings and are
continuing to work on preventing touts using the system,” said a U2 spokesman.
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My Backwork

Do You Love Unconditionally???

((I copied and pasted this from my post at u2.com))

Maybe I am a geek, but I do.

I've had my son steal money out of my purse in his darkest hour. He has taken my belongings to the hawk shop. I've had to turn his ass in. I've had him turn to my face and yell out loud that he hates me. Do I hate him? No. Was I very very pissed at him and deeply hurt for awhile? Yes! But I got over it in time. People only learn from mistakes.

Now, U2.... the awesome music/art/poetry has been with me longer than my son has. (He is 18 now).. I have had an ongoing love affair with this band for many many years. Am I pissed off that fans were ripped off? Hell yes! I've signed the petition, I've commented at u2page.com, I've barked and yelped quite a few times. I've gotten no response to this day about the 20 dollars off I should have gotten for my old prop subscription. I paid forty for this one. But I am not walking away. I am going to give it time and i am going to forgive and forget. I'm not rich, I couldn't get the stupid iPod, and I won't be spending as much as I had in the past to purchase singles or every version of every cd released in every country i could possibly get... crazy shit like that! Maybe a lot of ppl think this website is a joke, but I think it is pretty damn cool that everyone can come here ((to u2.com)) and put up a bitch and know that somehow the band will be let known about it. i have no doubt in my mind they know what is going on and I have no doubt in my mind they felt let down by the whole pile of crap as well. I feel that U2 will learn from this big big mistake.

Anyway, call me stupid, call me a sheep or call me blind, but I love this band and I need their music. I will continue to follow.


Aims McB
Bono & I escape the paparazzi
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Boston Tickets

I've been very good about keeping quiet and not getting too fussy about this ticket nonsense. Yes, I also got shafted in the presale. Yes, I also got shafted in the general public sale. (Was online and pulling up tickets within 10 seconds of them going on sale, and still got nothing.) Yet, I am holding my breath that there will be some sort of justice to come of this. And by justice I mean more tickets or refund or something. ANYTHING at this point. So today, I was very happy to see that eBay and U2.com are working together to pull tickets from eBay that are selling for more than face value. Give them back to the fans!

HOWEVER if they are working so hard to pull tickets, then why are there
3956 ticket listings currently on eBay? (157 of which are for Boston!)

I still have faith that everything will work out in the end. It always does. U2 has that magic! Every time I saw them on the last tour, I watched from the heart. (So I can't complain too much!) And I met the band on the Elevation tour which was the single greatest moment of my life. If U2 can take the time out for their fans and treat them so well (like they did when I met them), then certainly they will find a way to take care of us again. P.S. Sorry for the gushing. I have decided to cover my tears with optimism!
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t-shirt ideas

Hi everyone. Here's a nice break from all of the ticket sales postings. ;-)

I just bought a really cute little t-shirt for $5 from Target. It's green and it says "Dublin" in white letters at the top. On either side of the word "Dublin" are four leaf clovers. I thought it would be really cute if I could somehow stencil some U2 lyrics on the back in white.

So, I'm asking, do you guys have any good ideas of what phrase/lyrics to put on the shirt? I kind of want them to relate to Dublin in a way, but they don't have to.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. =)



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I am ashamed of myself

Once we all knew what the first date of Vertigo was, I made a promise to myself that I would see my Irish Boys from the GA section on March 28, 2005. I told myself that between the presale and regular onsale I would get the tickets I needed, and be able to see the show with my brother.

Like most of the U2 community, I failed on the 25th and I failed on the 29th.

Today I scoured the unholy Ebay for two GA tix. I came across a pair at $165 a piece ($340 after shipping, total) and bought them. I am ashamed at myself.

I might have lucked out with day-of tickets. They may have released some more between now and the show. U2.com may have been nice and sent me some as a prize for just being in the fan club and pissing away the 40 bucks. But I couldnt risk it.

On a brighter note, despite my 3 utter failures (Presale, and onsale for Boston and then Diego), my brother pulled off tickets for Boston 5/26 (Nosebleed) and Philly 5/22 (GA!!!).

I'm one lucky SOB with a dark, dreadful shame in his closet. I aided the scalpers.
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(need some lovin&#39;)
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Please forgive me for posting yet another ticket LJ bit...but I've a question to ask.

I have to admit, I haven't been very concerned lately in getting any tickets to U2 shows considering I live in Utah--which still is not being scheduled. However, after reading all of thes previous posts here, as well as letters from angry U2 fans, I'm becoming a little worried that the only way I'll be able to get concert tickets is to stay up until the wee hour of twelve (on the dot) in the morning and type like mad in order to snag a few somewhere in Arizona, California, etc.

I take it that this is what everyone else is doing?

Nevertheless, I logged on to ticketmasters web site tonight, and found that there were no tickets available whatsoever. All shows were sold out. Is this true? Or is it just a glitch in their server?

This will be the first U2 tour I've ever been alive long enough to attend, so needless to say, I am really itching to go. :( I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out.

Thank you. <3
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Hey everyone, I'm new. I just found my way to this lovely community. My name's Samantha, Sam, or Proops, whichever floats your boat. I'm 15 and U2 is amazing. Obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be posting here. I am soo excited. My best bud Chelsea, her mom and sister and myself scored Nosebleed seats in Boston on Tuesday 05/24 ahhhhhhhh. Hmm.... I don't really have a favorite album, but my favorite compliation is the Best of 1980-1990. Have a nice day!
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