January 31st, 2005


anyone up? ;)

Those of you up for the Europe presale...are any of you having the show listing page coming up with no links? We're 10 minutes out, and I'm nervous...

Edit to add: Is okay...it came up. :D
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another question

If someone uses his code in a presale, gets in, places an order with ticketmaster.ie, and then is bumped out/rejected, has his code been invalidated?

If so, is there any way to get the code back?

This prolly came up earlier in the week, but I'm too brainfried right now to remember what happened in this situation.

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I have been trying for a few min but it looks like U2 at msg is sold out during the presale. how rude for them not to hold tix for today for people
U2 is love

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So, who is going to Dublin?

I can't believe i actually got tickets at 5 am this morning..

and im just so HAPPY and I'm freaking out and I want it to be June! :)

2 GA's for June 24th...

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I am looking for someone to split hotel cost with me in San Diego. I 'm staying at the holiday inn 15 minutes walk from the venue. Cost is $54 night for you. I am female and would prefer to stay with another female for obvious reasons.

Better yet, if someone out there is willing to let me stay with them in san diego. How does a GA ticket sound? Maybe we can work something out.

I will be staying from 26-29 but I don't expect who ever wants to share the room with me to come early or anything.

Watchdog! & Ticketmaster USA

BBC’s ‘Watchdog’ reviews U2’s U.K. ticket sales

The BBC’s consumer complaints programme, ‘Watchdog’ will be doing a feature on ticketing arrangements for U2’s shows in the U.K. on Tuesday night’s programme (Feb 1, 7pm GMT, BBC1). The show’s producers hope to interview a representative from Ticketmaster and will apparently discuss complaints from U2 fans regarding U2.com’s $40 membership charges. (source: M.C.)

Ticket ‘brokers’ in the U.K. are selling tickets for prices between £200-500.

For those of you in the States that didn't get tickets. Ticketmaster are contacting everybody who didn't manage to get tickets using their presale code. See @u2.com for more info.
But it would seem as if U2 have got there backsides in gear. No doubt all the bad press will have helped.

Hopefully things will be sorted out for those without.

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Hello Community

I just wanted to say hello. I just joined the community. I'm a huge U2 fan. I bought "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" about two weeks after it was released. Love the cd. I think it's the only cd I have from the band but there are a huge amount of tracks from them on my Wimamp player, among them being the entire "All That You Can't Leave Behind" and "Joshua Tree" albums.

I wish that I could afford tickets to the kickoff stop to their North American tour here in San Diego's Sports Arena as I've heard U2 kicks ass in concert. You know, it's the whole "college student that has no money" thing...
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March 28, baby!!

I just wanted to say that I'm a lifelong resident of San Diego..... and I know there's a lot of you coming in from out of town for the opening shows of the Vertigo tour.

I'm willing to offer my services as a tour guide! If you need to know ANYTHING about San Diego (where to go, what to do, good places to eat, ANYTHING), please contact me. I'll be going to the show, too.
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Vancouver BC is up too!

Thu, 04/28/05
07:30 PM U2 General Motors Place
Vancouver, BC More Info
presale begins
Tue, 02/01/05 10:00 AM

(Psyched even though I'm not going to that one LOL! Two Denvers yay yay yayo!!!)

U2.com refund

If you didn't get tickets thro u2.com. They're going to be offering you a REFUND!!

See the article at u2.com for details.

You would have to think that decision has come from the top, with all the bad press they've been getting.

Good to see, they can hold their hands up.
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hello hello (HOLA!)

I just joined the community and decided to follow everyone else and introduce myself. I'm 17, U2 is my absolute favorite band (obviously), and I am incredibly excited because I just snagged two tickets for a friend and me to the April 10th San Jose show! I've never seen U2 perform live, and so I'm already counting down the days!

I own their albums Boy, October, War, The Joshua Tree, Rattle and Hum, Achtung Baby, ATYCLB, and HTDAAB, my favorite album being The Joshua Tree, and favorite song--well, it's too hard to narrow it down, but it's somewhere between With or Without You, Electrical Storm, and One.

I'm really glad to have joined this community--U2 fans seem like a sincerely nice group of people!

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I just got the best graduation gift ever...

Tickets to see U2 at Madison Square Garden!!

This is going to be the best year ever: Seeing U2, graduating, and attending my top-choice school (which by the way, for one of the essays, I wrote about Bono)

I'm wayyyy too pumped! :D
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as the tickets went i sale yesterday, i lost hope..

but desperate times call for desperate measures:
that means calling up my cousin with a wheelchair...

"so, do you want to go to a u2 concert?"

but i just heard back from ticketmaster and the handi-spaces were already taken..
damn. if only i had thought of this earlier..

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Hi Guys!

I need a photograph of Bono. It's something like this:

He needs to have a sullen (don't know if this is the right word) look in his eyes, like on the front of The Joshua Tree Ablum.
Or maybe this is more comprehensible: http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0VQDrAlgaGn3!r2pjVHHt*!u26xTxul44GQKay*KcLMKCjcXV2jLvNLr6dr7gtF*JiJ0QQR83pZyaXKhdmjDVG1KeWPO5jznoz0kAzqIC0k!HWECuFVnAGKg6hnnki!Ny/Thierry%20Lekbrug%2020.jpg?dc=4675476681506734828

Yeah, that's me, I want a photo of Bono with this kind of look, I prefer a photo in The Joshua Tree era...

You know the vibe that gives you in the begin of the song Exit? that kind of feeling...


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