February 1st, 2005

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First post, hope it works!

Hi everyone, u2wildhoney has been trying to get me into Live Journal for years, and so I finally got off my lazy @$$ and did it........

I finally updated my site and reactivated my domain www.u2sat36.com, so it will be up and running any hour now! As usual, you can find access to my FTP, where I will be hosting the latest U2 mpg clips.

Wasn't getting tickets hell? My fingernails took a beating, but I managed so/so tix for both nights at Anaheim.
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Update: I deleted the last post - no sense having it still up, since I ended up just using the Ticketmaster.com page (instead of going through U2.com) and ... after trying twice for GA's and getting the message of, "There are no tickets available that match your request" - I tried one last time, bitterly thinking I'd get stuck in the nosebleeds like so many other fans lately (even though I'd still be happy just to BE there, of course.) I sighed as I selected GA-Floor from the drop-down menu, copied in my fan code again, clicked Look For Tickets ....

....and scored two GA's for Phoenix. I will be able to see my favorite band with my best friend Patrick for the first time - the band that brought us together on June 1st, 2001 on the U2 mailing list Wire. Seeing a U2 show with the best friend I'll ever have in my life, and being there knowing that it's because of this wonderful band that I know this incredible person in the first place ... it's going to be just pure magic. I burst into tears when I got my order confirmation and immediately called my mother to blubber to her about it :) It'll be my fourth U2 show (my third time with GA) and I am just so excited :)

I hope other fans were as fortunate as I today!

PS - When Patrick calls, I'm going to act dejected and like we didn't get anything ;) I'll let him get really discouraged and sad and then spring it on him that come the crack of dawn on April 14th, we'll be huddled next to the doors of Glendale Arena ;)

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U2 Retrospective

I'm currently working on a U2 song retrospective. No reason, really...just because I love them and want a creme de la creme of songs, if you will. I'm first trying to narrow down the tracks off of the studio albums, namely about 4 per record (though I'll probably have 5 from at least The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby). I elminated live versions of old songs (Rattle and Hum), bonus tracks (How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb), and instrumentals (The Unforgettable Fire) for the time being. I'll sort through those when I concentrate on B-Sides, Soundtrack Songs, Collaborations, and Alternate Projects (The Passengers, solo stuff, etc.). Anyway, long story short, please let me know which are your favorite songs/which you find most essential on each album. If you have any other suggestions, they are more than appreciated. Thanks!

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NME Awards

The nominations for this year's NME Awards have been announced. U2 are listed in the following categories...

Best International Band - U2
Best Track - Vertigo
Best Website - www.u2.com(!)
Hero Of The Year - Bono

You can vote at the website.

OT: Keane nominated for Worst Band and Worst Album?!  WTF?????
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Hey everyone, I'm new here! I'm super-excited over the new tour, and my mom tracked down four tickets to San Diego on the 30th, BUT, I had another ticket for Anahiem. I just wanted to post this link to see if anyone needed it, cos I don't! I'm not making a profit, I promise. Ticket Master really jacked the price up :(.

It's on Ebay!

I've been a fan since 2000, right about the time of all the election stuff, as a matter of fact, because I got ATYCLB for my birthday that year. I'm in a band that covers some U2, some Police, Cake, The Cure, ect. I was at the U2 Convention in Ontario last year, and drove out to Ohio (from So Cal) two years ago to see the exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. My favorite songs are City of Blinding Lights, Beautiful Day, Mysterious Ways, Drowning Man, New Year's Day, Bullet the Blue Sky, Last Night on Earth, and like a billion others.
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looking to trade!

I have a pair of San Jose 2 GAs that I would like to trade for one of the following:

- a pair of San Jose 1 GAs (ideally)
- a pair of Anaheim 1 GAs
- a pair of San Diego 2 GAs

I also have a pair of Croke Park 1 GAs that I'd like to trade for a pair of MSG GAs.

If you are interested, please email me at ladyclayton AT livejournal DOT com. Trades only, please.

Thanks! :)

(And if this isn't appropriate for the list, let me know and I'll yank it down. Thanks!)
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I had a quick question because I'm quite a novice to the whole concert-going experience, especially when it comes to U2.

My seats for the San Jose show are in section 107, which you can see through this link: http://www.ticketmaster.com/seatingchart/229393/12766

I was really excited about these seats with a seemingly direct view of the stage, because some people told me if you have GA tickets you can't even see the stage. I was thinking too that as a first-time U2 concert-goer I might be overwhelmed standing for three hours amid the throng of screaming U2 fans. However, looking at all the posts on this site in which everyone is clamoring so hard for GAs, I've been wondering if I should have exchanged my GA tickets for these, after all.

Anyways, I'm not going to be upset at ALL even if lots of people think GAs are better, because I am so grateful to be going, but I was just wondering if you guys knew anything about the benefits/drawbacks of my seats. Thanks!