February 2nd, 2005

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A little love note from U2.com to certain posters....


Scalpers Be Warned

Our thanks to many U2.Com subscribers who have sent us details of scalpers selling 'Vertigo' tour tickets - we are pursuing the leads you have mailed us.

Last week many U2 fans got in touch with us to complain about ticket touts offering tickets for the 'Vertigo 2005 Tour' at extortionate prices.

You have sent us in many useful online links and other information and a whole raft of ticket offers have already been taken down from online auction sites.

More action will follow.

Some of these touts have posed as genuine U2 fans, taken out a subscription and bought tickets in the presale only to readvertise them for huge sums.

Please be aware that anyone advertising tickets online does not have them in their possession yet - technology is helping us connect scalpers' offers with the original purchase of tickets.

When we identify rogue U2.Com subscribers as the source of sold-on tickets we are taking action to cancel the sale of those tickets and to redistribute those tickets to subscribers who have yet to get tickets.

Please also note the following clause in our terms of subscription to U2.Com.
"We reserve the right to block access to or cancel a ticket order of any user that we believe, in our sole and absolute discretion: (i) is or is associated with any ticket broker or scalper, (ii) is utilizing automated means to process or place ticket orders, or (iii) whose ticket order exceeds the stated limit."

If you have further information on scalpers and touts exploiting the tour,please let us know.
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Song request:

Hey there everyone, I am not 100% sure if we're really supposed to do this or not, but I'd like to make a song request and if anybody has it, I'd really appreciate it if you could send it to me or post it online somehow. I'm looking for The Ground Beneath Her Feet from Million Dollar Hotel. My copy of the soundtrack was stolen. /cry

Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

I was hoping to get 2 GA Floor tickets for the Phoenix show but I guess being all set to go the second they went on sale wasn't quick enough. Hopefully I'll be able to get them when they go on sale to the general public or else I'm gonna have to buy them from scalpers. I don't want to, not just because it's way too expensive but because scalpers suck. But, I'm not gonna do nose bleeds again. I'm stubborn, what can I say...
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(no subject)

Hey guys, I have a question. Today my friend comes up to me and tells me how he heard on 3 different news stations last night that U2 was posponing their tour because of some family members in the Edge's family beeing very ill... and that he would be sueing the tabloids for finding out this information and giving out "personal, family information." There was nothing on U2.com about it so I was just wondering what the heck it was about.
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Hey everyone!
I'm still in Dublin.
I haven't done ANYTHING U2 related :(. I did take a picture of the Bonavox hearing aid store..

Today, I'm going to try and find Windmill Lane, and then Bono's gates. I just wanted to say hi, I s'pose. Every cab driver, and any random person I've met, has had a Bono sighting. I'm sooo jealous!

On New Year's Eve, a little after midnight, they played "New Year's Day" and I felt so dorky cos I got so excited. Haha.

Their version of MTV was doing some year end wrap up and had a portion about U2 and I started crying! I couldn't help myself. I was just like, "Ahhhh. I love this band SO MUCH. I can't believe I am in Dublin. This band is the best thing in my life."
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looking for 1 ga boston ticket

Hey, I've got some ticket questions. First off, I'm seeking just 1 ga to any of the Boston shows (or basically any ga that i can trade for a boston show). What I'm thinking of doing is to buy 1 ga for the upcoming general sales for Vancouver, Arizona, Seattle and Denver and then trade it until I could get a Boston ga, hehe. My question is what show would you guys recommend trying to get a ga for?

Also, I have a spare ga to Saturday's Boston show. Unfortunately, I can't trade it off unless I'm garenteed two ga's. So, I'm looking to trade 1 Boston III ga and pay cash for 2 ga's to either of the boston shows. Or, I'm looking to just buy 1 ga. The Saturday show seems to be in high demand so I'm hoping as the concert nears, more people won't be able to go to the other two shows and they'll be desperate for a Saturday ticket. :)



Hey everyone!
I just joined this community, but I am definately not a 'new' U2 fan. The first song I ever memorised the lyrics to was With or Without You, when I was five. I have been hooked ever since.

Turns out that their San Jose date is the same date as my birthday. My lovely father bought tickets! What more could a girl want for her 23rd birthday? Their last tour, I was lucky enough to get tickets for both legs. That year, I saw them in Tacoma just after my 19th birthday, then a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. I am such a nerd.

But, wow. I have been into U2 for almost 20 years.
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(no subject)

You know you are a true U2 fan when......

you work at a grocery store and ring up Pop Tarts and mistake it for PopMart, and then have a flashback to the PopTart shirt Adam used to wear.
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