February 3rd, 2005

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THERE IS A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just for the heck of it, I've still been trying every day since the presale started to get floor tickets for the Phoenix show and every day I've gotten the the same thing...Nothing. Until this morning when I got my 2 GA Floor tickets. I'm gonna die of excitement. I don't know how I'm gonna get through the rest of the day of work now.

Ok that's it.....

Ok, I'm pissed! To all those people who make the arguement that because you've been a part of Prodaganda you should some how get special treatment I say grr...

Since when was U2 about seniority and proving who loves them more? It's about the frickin' music people. They aren't gods and we shouldn't be fighting over tickets to see them as if we're starving and they give us food. Fine you should have gotten free memberships to U2.com because of the previous membership status in Prod, that makes sense but no you get even more priority in getting tickets???? Why is that fair??

Why because you somehow found out about a magazine before the rest of us? I've been a U2 fan since I was a little, little kid but I didn't know about Prod so because of that I'm being punished??? Furthermore, I joined U2.com because I'm a fan, at the time I joined I didn't even know I was going to get priority at tickets! I join and I do things for this band and with other fans out of the love of the music,not to prove my love of them. Not to somehow screw over another fans!

ps: I apologize in advance for this rant and do not mean to insult or injuy anyone. Please, don't all jump down my throat at once....
Instead, please queue and only jump one at a time just like we do for U2 tickets.
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Hi guys,
Is anyone going to the Dublin concert? I can't get tickets through pre-sale so I have to try and get them tomorrow morning- only thing is, the person who was supposed to come with me has pulled out! So is anyone getting tickets tomorrow or has already got them and would maybe like to meet up with me on the day?

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I'm definitely happy for the rest of 2005 :) Thanks to a friend of a friend, we secured two floor tickets for Paris, and two others for Nice, at a preferred price. Now's the time to be in line for one of the two Dublin's shows :)

Good luck to everyone trying to get their tickets, I know they're really hard to get by, I almost missed the Elevation Tour french shows ...
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To all those that have got/ are getting tickets for Dublin- what's the best way to get them? Did you get them by phone or internet, and what site/ number did you use/ are you going to use?
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RIP my CD, how I loved thee...

Let us all bow our heads and have a moment of silence for ... my Joshua Tree CD.

It has finally been played *so damn much* that now ... it's completely worn out. It will not play on any CD player in the house. It is dead.

I shall not throw it away, but will instead keep it in my U2 Graveyard of other items I have used to death or killed - such as my ZooTV videocassette that took a swan dive from the top of my TV and shattered (and was promptly replaced, of course!), or my Rattle & Hum videocassette that wore so thin it barely played, and my Achtung Baby t-shirt, which I lovingly wore so often and washed so much that it's now in tatters, and can only be worn with another shirt underneath.

O Joshua Tree, you were my first U2 album, the one that introduced me to the band, the one that gave me my favorite song. You faithfully blasted from my stereo speakers, and into my Discman headphones during road trips with my parents, for the past 12 years. I thumbed through your booklet so often that it faded and fell apart, reading the beautiful lyrics and gazing at those four faces which ended up becoming oh-so-familiar as I grew up. I love you, I tried to take care of you, and I hope you had a good life. I shall replace you with another, shinier Joshua Tree as soon as I can get to Best Buy again, but you will never be replaced in my heart.

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Somebody posted some rare U2 songs from the I tunes site a few days ago, but I can't find the post...

Can somebody put the songs again on the internet so I can download those?
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Fan Fire number incase anyone who was not sent the prop 50% membership discount would like to call instead of sending emails that do not get answered... (I haven't called yet.)

I am such a friggin dork.

I kept getting replies in my email from this post (which you should all do cuz it's fun and you might be bored!).... Anyway, I was going to the dang page over and over to read the new replies and answers to the questions and never saw them. I was baffled, thinking something was majorly wrong with LJ or my settings or something. Well DOH I just glanced down and there is a page two link at the bottom of the page! I don't think I've ever seen one of those on a post here in the community! *smacks self in forehead*