February 4th, 2005

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Haha I thought this was funny: It's a quote from Bono in my Newsweek

"Let's face it, tolerating an Irish rock star is not a necessity of his office." U2 frontman Bono, on an AIDS talk with President Bush, in which the President had to bang his fist on a desk to get a word in edgewise.

cuuute ;)
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Croke park concert SOLD OUT

I just spent an hour calling the Ticketmaster Ireland number on redial, and refreshing their ticket website (which, from about 8.05am, just gave me continual error messages). I started at 8am when tickets went on sale. And now, over an hour later, I FINALLY got through on the phone...to receive a message saying everything was sold out for BOTH shows.

This is so frustrating...I couldn't book for any of the earlier UK shows because my thesis is due in about the 3rd week of June - and, as much as I love U2, I'd love to get my degree more. And I can't book for anything later than the 24th, because I'm leaving to go back to New Zealand on the 26th!

I spent my formative U2-loving years in New Zealand, a country U2 hasn't visited since 1993, and now...having travelled 12,000 miles to come study in the UK, I was so hopeful of getting to see them for the first time!!!

I will be spending August and part of September in the US, so all I can hope is that the 2nd US tour fits my dates.

*could cry*
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I have 2 tickets to U2 in Seattle Sunday, April 24th 2005. I'm looking to TRADE my spare (1) GA ticket for one of the following shows listed below.

1 GA Floor - SAN DIEGO (yeah still bidding on tickets)
1 GA Floor - NY (I'll throw in another U2 show for this trade on this leg)

I'm posting this on U2 LJ communities, Interference and U2.com

I'm not selling my spare ticket, I'm TRADING. U2 fans don't sell to each other, only trade....like hockey cards.

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I have to ask, does anyone else find it very endearing (perhaps endearing is not the right word, but it suits me well) in 'Miracle Drug' how the Edge-Bono vocals fit together? I'm finding myself repeatedly listening to that part of the song over and over again, as I find something about it completely engaging, and kind of precious at the same time.
u2 war

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for those of you with VH1 Classic, today's episode of Classic/Current kicked off with the following two videos:

"Sunday Bloody Sunday"

"All Because Of You"

a couple of other instances i can recall seeing U2 on that program they showed:

"Two Hearts Beat As One"

"Walk On"


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I want to clarify something, when I meant U2 fans trade not sell. I was being sarcastic kinda making fun of the whole scalper/broker situation that happened with the pre-sale, some people got it and those who didn't I realize how annoyed you were with my post. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
brian eno

U2 on TiVo

For those who have TiVo, they're featuring the "All Because Of You" video and some interview clips on their service (that is to say, it doesn't cost extra to watch, but is included with the subscription). I don't know how long this will be available because it's not my TiVo; I stumbled upon it while visiting friends who have TiVo. The interviews are pretty decent but Larry fans won't get to see their man. Adam, Bono, and Edge are all interviewed. You can also see the full-length "Vertigo" iPod + iTunes commercial.

Anyway, I thought I'd let everyone know because I haven't seen anyone mention it in the past few days and I don't remember it being posted before that; appy polly lodgies if someone has already posted about this. :)
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I remember years ago I stumbled on a website that listed all of the little secrets and mistakes in every U2 album (like when Bono coughs before "Another Time, Another Place", or when Larry supposedly starts counting off with his drumsticks too early before The Unforgettable Fire, or something like that I can't remember exactly).

Anyway, I thought it was cute.
Anybody ever see this site and can direct me to it? I'd like to see it again.

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Just got this e-mail:

U2ticketstubs.com is coming soon!

The site is going to feature ticket stubs, setlists, passes, handbills and posters from past u2 concerts.

Please help us build the most comprehensible u2 memorabilia site on the net. Please scan each item individually at 77 dpi. Send all scans to Jason, kiwaj@aol.com.

Thanks for your help. Please pass this message along.

Jason Smith
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I thought everyone might enjoy this:
What's Your F-List Instrumentation? by milieus
What's your favourite U2 song?
Quirky Saxophonesee_savagery
Bono Voxshesalwaysdown_
Various Percussive Instrumentsofstaticpallor
Busty Tapdancerujimaflip
Four-Armed Guitar/Bassmasanori
Country Trianglejadexburn
Jazz Cowbellsilvercrepes
Straight-Edge Trashcaneye_of_dog
Slutty Roadieautumnalis
Homicidal Roadiesparklytaco
Quiz created with MemeGen!
PLEASE post answers either in your own journal or as comments to this post. You'll save many friends list the bane of multiple response posts! In other silly news, a friend bought me Rattle & Hum on DVD tonight as a late birthday present! Of course, I've seen it before but mmm!
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The one that made you just go Ahhhhh

Here's a good one:

What is your favorite LIVE version of a U2 song?

For me it's definately With or Without You from Rattle and Hum. Hands down. If I ever get to hear that full version one time in concert I will declare my life to be complete and happy. :)
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