February 5th, 2005

Early videoclips

Does anybody have the early videoclips of U2 on his or her computer?
Like: Two Hearts Beat As One, Fire, and so.

Can anyone send it to me, or upload it on the internet so everybody can download those videos?

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Glendale Arena update...

The first Phoenix show sold out in seven minutes, I believe... I scored GA's to that in the presale, so that should be an incredible night.

The SECOND Phoenix show seemed to be selling just as fast, and I managed to score nosebleeds for my mother (who has always wanted to see U2 in concert, since I've been a good influence on her for years and have finally "made" her like them ;)), my uncle, myself and my best friend.


If they add a third Phoenix show (doubtful), I'm going to die.
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Yay? Um ... oops? No, yay. Really, YAY!

Okay, well ... um, I'm going to see U2 in Seattle. I was unable to find 2 tickets for the show, and the only single ticket was the expensive ticket I swore I wasn't going to buy.

But while I was online, they added a second show! So I clicked to search for 2 tickets ... and waited ... and waited ... and waited ... finally! Two tickets are available! And they're the expensive tickets.

I panicked.

So yeah, I'm going to see U2, and Brent's going with me, and I promised him he only had to pay the $50 he was willing to pay for the cheap seats.

The rest of the "fun money" my grandma sends me this year will be going to pay off these tickets.

But yeah, I'm going. And they look to be good seats!

If any of my friends lucked out and have an extra ticket to the first show, I may have to buy that as well. Gotta make up for not seeing them last tour.

Vancouver tickets for sale at face value...

I just finished buying tickets for the Thursday, April 24th concert in Vancouver, and I ended up with two. My sister was also trying for tickets, and ended up with better seats, so I need to get rid of mine.

They are for Section 302, Row 4, Seats 101 & 102 (see seating chart here). I am asking no more than face value + the cost of Ticketmaster fees. That total is ($49.50 X 2 - tickets) + ($2.00 X 2 - facility charge) + ($9.00 X 2 - convenience charge) + ($2.50 - pickup charge) = $123.50 for the pair of tickets. This is in Canadian dollars, so it would be a bit cheaper in US dollars.

If anyone is interested, please, please email me at hothologram@yahoo.com, or post here. I need to sell these tickets. I can mail them to you, or we can meet up in person.

Thanks so much!

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Another "out of curiosity" question.

How many of you think WOWY is just the greatest song ever and feel perfectly content listening to it in repeat over, and over, and over?

...or am I the only one?
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I know it's not very likely, but should anyone have any Vancouver (either show!) tickets they need to sell, I'd LOVE to buy them off you. I tried all morning, 2 computers, 5 phones and got nothing. I don't have anything to trade (couldn't get Seattle either!) but hey-you need a ride? I WILL DRIVE YOU! You need some food before you dance around-I WILL FEED YOU! ;)

Please, help a girl out? I need the post-exam euphoria only a U2 show can bring! *bats eyelashes*

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Prospective first time U2 concert goer...

Okay, so U2 isn't supposed to come to Toronto untill the 3rd leg of their world tour. I've developed a pretty pessimistic attitude towards this entire thing.

If I'm not a member of that $40 U2.com club, do I have ANY chance of getting tickets?! Or should I just save myself the pain and not even try?

Looking for Southern California tickets.

I've tried everywhere else I can think of but so far no luck, so I thought I'd ask here.

I need another ticket for the Anaheim #2 show (that's April 2nd). Or 2 tickets to any of the other Southern California shows. I managed to get one ticket for Anaheim #2, but my boyfriend (who's never been to any concert--not just U2, and he's 26!) wants to go too. Obviously, I'd like to be with him, so if I can get 2 together, I'd like to.

If you can help, please email me at mtheu2nut@livejournal.com or leave a comment. Thanks!