February 6th, 2005

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Why I never joined this community a long time ago is really beyond me.

So, I'm new here from what it looks like. The name's Colleen and I've pretty much loved U2 all of my life. My parents constantly played their albums while I was a kid and that is really how I got into them. I was lucky enough to see them when they came around to Philly again for the second leg of the Elevation tour in 2001 but this time around I wasn't one of the lucky ones to get tickets for the upcoming tour.

I also belonged to the Zootopia posting board from around when it started a few years ago until it pretty much went to hell last year. Everyone knew me around there as "BIP" (it was short for my screenname at the time which was very stupid) and I was probably one of the more random ones there.

Besides U2 I love the Clash, the Smiths & Flogging Molly. Indeed.

Okay I'm rambling I think and it's nearly 12:30 at night, I should be going. Sorry to bore you all with this. Add me if you like. :)

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Uh, hi kids...I'm new here...I know xjerkxalertx and  fluidwhispers and its entirely possibly I know more of you, but don't know it. My name is Ilana, I'm 23, from the Midwestern US, and I've been a U2 fan more or less since I was about 7. I saw them 28 Nov 01 in Kansas City and I have tickets to see them in Chicago 12 May 05. It really doesn't seem 3 1/2 years since I sawre them! I was and am Blue_Skies on the Zootopia board (some of you may know me as Bluesy) and I run The Edge of the World website (check my user info for more). So anyways, hello hello...pleased to meet you....no need to guess my name ;0) Oh...I almost forgot...I also have a "political/social" lj under the name ohmecorazon . I post about DATA, PETA, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, and my feelings on those listed above, as well as the war, censorship, and anything else that makes me rage. Feel free to add that name if you are so inclined...
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lol wut

For those watching the Superbowl...

Anybody else find it strange and almost a bit comical that Fox played "Sunday Bloody Sunday" over a video feed of the Eagles and the Pats playing?

at first I was so excited that they were using U2, and then i realized it was a football game...how NOT fitting to the song.

just a random thought!

Have a great U2-y day/night!

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My aunt called me this evening. I'M GOING TO SEE U2!!! I'd almost given up on the idea for this leg of the tour, because tickets have been so difficult to get, but my uncle managed to get some. Its costing me sixty quid, which I really can't afford, but meh. 18th June. Twickenham. Amazing.
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