February 7th, 2005


NEWBIE here i'm not sure how to get around on this site if anyone can help
let me know....how do I chat with everyone?my name is Noreen,looking foward to chatting with you all..thanks
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Hello, my lovelies...

I've been thinking a lot about the Boston show I'll be going to, and I've always gotten mixed responses about this topic, so I thought I'd ask you guys and see what you all think (because we all know that nothing matters more than the opinion of U2 fans, hehe).

So, what do we think:

Wearing a U2 shirt at a U2 concert (or really any band shirt at said band's concert)
Jenny Lewis - Smile

U2 Retrospective

I've been working on a U2 Retrospective recently. I want to thank everyone who participated in my poll; it helped a lot to have your imput. :)

Anyway, I have enough songs for 4 full CDs, with a little room left over on the first and last albums. Tell me if you think I'm missing anything.

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I'm not sure on the order of the songs yet, but that's what I want to put on them. I might add some more, but the 2nd and 3rd CDs are pretty much stuffed to compacity. But, at least to me, those are the best of the best and the most essential U2 tracks. And I'd like everyone to note how "Discothèque" is conspicuously missing. 0:)

Anyway, I'd like your feedback (heh...Feedback...I'm such a dork). What do my fellow U2 fans think?
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My most amazing religion professor gave me the greatest minute of my entire academic career today:

"You know, U2 is one of the most subtly religious bands out there. Many people do not recognize the hidden religious references in their songs. Take a great song like 40, which refers to Psalm 40. Until The End Of The World is about Judas betraying Jesus. Their latest album has a song called Yahweh. It's about God. You have the lyrics, Take these shoes, Take these hands, Take this mouth... it's about God.. Yahweh! Something else people might not notice is that the last song on each of their albums contains a religious reference. Take their last album, the song Grace. Many people think it's about a girl named Grace... but it isn't! I like U2."
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Hi all, new member here. I was listening to The Joshua Tree and was inspired to go find a U2 community. This looks like a great one!

I'm anxiously awaiting the announcement of a 3rd leg of the tour -- I'm currently living in Windsor, ON, and I'm hoping to catch one of their shows (I've never seen them -- I grew up in Newfoundland; no one plays there). I have options, since I can get to either Toronto or Detroit quite easily -- here's to hoping!

Anyway, nice to meet you all. Looking forward to some interesting posts/discussions/ announcements/links/etc!
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Snow Patrol to Support U2 in Europe

Snow Patrol will be opening for U2 during part of their European tour, hotpress.com can exclusively reveal.

Snow Patrol will be supporting U2 on several of their European tour dates, a band spokesman has confirmed.

Currently in the studio working on the follow-up to their Final Straw album, hotpress.com can now confirm that Snow Patrol be supporting U2 on the following tour dates:

Brussels’ King Baudouin Stadium on June 10, Manchester Stadium (June 14), Dublin’s Croke Park (June 24), Berlin Olympic Stadium (July 7) and Paris’ Stade de France (July 9).

For more on this, visit http://www.hotpress.com/music/news/2779649.html. You must be registered with hotpress.com to read the complete story.

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I really can't wait till a video is made of Miracle Drug. All the tour hassle etc. will be made worth it if I get to hear Miracle Drug and WOWY just once ...
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