February 10th, 2005

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So I downloaded the "digital box set", and was listening to the unreleased and rare songs. In my opinion, all of the songs that were "originals" of the ones that ended up on HTDAAB sound much better than the ones that made it onto the album. "Native Son" sounds better than Vertigo, "SYCMIOYO" sounds better than the one that made it onto the album, "Xanax and Wine" is a great song, and "All Because of You" is just... absolutely amazing. I can't understand any of them being replaced, but especially not ABOY. Anyone agree?

Desperate for Dublin...

Hi all,

I posted here last week, really upset because I'd just spent an hour online / on the phone, but missed out on a ticket for Croke Park on the 24th (only date on the current tour I could possibly see them).

Obviously I have nothing to trade, but I am willing to pay more than face value. I don't mind if it's GA or seated. Having never seen them, I would be happy enough just to be in the same stadium as the band!

Please let me know if you can help. Thanks!
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The Complete U2 collection

Can anybody tell me what the 25 rare or unreleased songs are that are included on The Complete U2 collection you can get through I-Tunes? Are they available w/o purchasing the collection? I'm curious become I'm finding some of those Free Song caps on Pepsi 20oz bottles and I'd like to redeem them for U2 songs. :)
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when tickets went on sale for philly to the general public, my boyfriend and i both tried to score some GAs, on the off chance that we'd get 'em. we live in central jersey, so philly isn't so far. anyway... he pulled two floor GAs, was all set to go and pay (that's the screen that was up) and ticketmaster freaked out and stopped loading the page.

yeah. we were both pretty pissed.

he emailed ticketmaster to see if he really got the tickets. their reply was no he didn't.

so, i'd pretty much given up on us having those tickets.

BUT... last night my boyfriend tells me he just got a confirmation email from ticketmaster and HE DOES HAVE THEM AFTER ALL!

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Anyone notice the Trent Reznor remix of "Vertigo" manages to slip in the bassline from "I Will Follow" in it? Ooooo, sneaky Trent. It's a cool remix, though. Maybe I'll go to the record store and buy it.

Oh wait...I'm in North America...nevermind.
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Europe State design

Go here to see a picture of the stage design for the shows in the EU.

I'm really excited about that! Obviously the place to be will be inside the 1st ring area next to the stage. But if you miss out on that, there's still a chance to get next to the railing on the outer ring.

So who's "camping" out over night at the Twickenham shows? Hope to see yas there!! Should be allot of fun. :-D

Edit: If the link doesn't work. copy & paste the link into your browser. Or you can visit www.atu2.com who also have the link on the headline story.
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Yay yay yay yay! My dad got four tickets for the sunday San Jose show at face value! They're right above the stage, but who cares? I get to see U2!!!!
:so happy:
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