February 12th, 2005

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So, my AP World History teacher gets these little booklets of current events, and we can answer them for a few extra points on the test. Yesterday he asked, "Which band's 'Vertigo 2005' tour is expected to be the year's top grossing tour?'" And of course everyone knew who it was, and he was taking forever to decide who would get to answer it. I said, "Come on, they're one of my favorite bands!" And of course it was U2, and it made me happy in a very silly way, because U2 in random places is just the shiznit.
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Hey all... just wondering if I'm the only insane one around here.... does anyone do anything really weird such as:

Me: OHMYGOD (said person), I JUST PASSED MY TEST!!
Said person: NO WAY!!!
Said person: That's a song by U2!!
Me: No way!
Said person: YEAH WAY!!
Me: That's a song by U2!
Said person: Whom we are goint to see in 101 days!
Me: No way!

(you get the idea)

Haha does anyone ever do stuff like that?

Actually in my english class the other day we were talking about Philosophers and one wrote a book or had a theory called "Orign of Species" and I totally just EXPLODED.
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To everyone in the UK:

If you haven't already, GO AND BUY THE SYCMIOYO SINGLE! U2 as of yesterday were outselling Elvis by just 200 copies, but today's sales could change everything... Go and help U2 have two #1 singles from the same album for the first time ever!


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I'm going to see U2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm so excited, my friend just called and told me that I was gonna see U2!!!!! her friend Dave (also a somewhat fling of mine) managed to get 8 tickets, one for her and one for me (the 6 others are for his friends and what not) we have NO idea how he managed to do it, and they are balcony, ,but dude i'm going to see u2!!!!

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Hi. I was wondering if someone could answer a question for me. On my HTDAAB cd, I only have 11 tracks on it and I notice a lot of people here say they have a 12th track on it called Fast Cars...what's up with that?
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You guys, I went to Amsterdam today and Anton Corbijn was signing autographs there in Schelteman! (I knew this yesterday).

It was because of his new book, ''U2 & I''

There were only 200 English version books of U2 & I in The Netherlands, so I was like: DAD, COME ON, DRIVE FASTER, WALK FASTER, DAMMIT (:P)

I talked with Anton Corbijn for a few minutes, I aksed: (T is me and A is Anton)
T: Is Bono different in real life?
A: Well, he's taller than this (he pointed a picture)
T: I mean, in real life, is Bono really that artistic and hyper? without cameras and such.
A: Yes, he's always 110%
T: Thanks. And Larry, he's shy, isn't he?
A: Yes, he's very independant.
T: Does he really dislikes taking pictures of himself?
A: How do you mean that?
T: Well, I read somewhere that he dislikes it.
A: Yeah, it seems that he doesn't like it, but I never paid much attention to it, he's very independant, maybe that's why. You seem like quite a U2 fan!
T: Yeah, I am.
A: *Grins* So, for the best U2 fan *signs the book, the poster and a blanco note paper*

He signed in the book: For Thierry, Best 2U, Amsterdam, 12-2-05
Poster: For Thierry, Best U2 fan, Amsterdam 12-2-05


I said see ya in the end! Muhahahaha (I'm thinking of making films, clips, movies or making photographs too in the future, so)

Oh! And MTV The Netherlands filmed me, so I'm on MTV tomorrow! (They filmed me a few times, so I have a big chance of being on MTV tomorrow)
Bono & I escape the paparazzi
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Boston tickets for trade-

OMG! So while I was out of town, I got an e-mail from Ticketmaster with confirmation for the balcony tickets that I got for Boston in the presale. No big deal. I didn't check my e-mail while I was gone, and on the day I got back I had another e-mail waiting for me from Ticketmaster confirming the GENERAL ADMISSION FLOOR TICKETS that I got for the Boston show in the general public sale! This came as a total shock to me, because I never got a confirmation code for those tickets! On the day of the general public sale, I brought up GA tickets within 10 seconds, but when I put my payment info through, Ticketmaster crashed and lost the order. It was completely gone. But SOMEHOW, without my knowledge, I actually got the tickets! I can't even begin to express how happy I am! As I said the last time I posted (when I thought I got shafted by Ticketmaster) things always work out with U2, thats the reason I love them so much. That magic that has done so many things for me in my life....And the tickets came in the mail today.

So after listening to all that gushing, I will get to my point. This fun surprise for me now means that I have extra balcony tickets for Boston:
Tuesday, May 24th show: BAL307 row 2, seats 5-6
Thursday, May 26th show: BAL306 row 9, seats 9-10

**I am NOT looking to sell these tickets. I am looking to TRADE someone for tickets to the Saturday, May 28th show in Boston. I wasn't able to get tickets to the Saturday show, so I am trying to get two tickets.
I sincerely hope this might help someone out (and me with the other show)!

And on a side note, I saw the video for "Sometimes..." today and it is amazing!

Recc me, people!

Hey there everyone!

So, in my attempt to broaden my kind of U2 appreciation, I've got a favour to ask of all of you. What is your favourite non-hit single U2 song? So something like Electric Co or Gloria, etc. What's your favourite little song you wish people would stand up and notice?

I'm trying to get my hands on all those underappreciated/live only/whatever songs that people are just dying to hear played on the tour.

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