February 13th, 2005

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Hey all,

I was wondering if I could perhaps get some help regarding a graphics project I'm doing on U2. Does anyone know of any websites that have information regarding the number of copies each U2 album sold as well as gross sales for each tour? Thanx in advance!
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Saying sorry and another request

For all the people who reacted on my posts, and where I didn't post back: I'm sorry, I was on vacation for a whole week in Belgium.

I'm persuading a girlfriend of mine (who loves metallica, mars volta and drum and bass) to listen to U2, she thinks it's just another love song band.
So, I send her the Mysterious ways videoclip, and she loved it.

Now, I need the following videoclips (my kazaa doesn't work and other download programs won't work even :|):
- The Fly
- Lemon (one without the pop ups)
- Discotheque
- Even Better Than the Real Thing
- the ''Until the End of the World'' live version from ''The Best of 1990-2000'' DVD

If anyone can send me these, I will be so happy!
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U2 heyday?

Someone just asked me when the glory days of U2 were.... if they ever had a "heyday." I didn't know what to tell them. It seems to me like U2 has little spikes every five years, then slowly slips away until the next spike.

What do you folks think? Did U2 ever have a "heyday?" When was it?

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