February 15th, 2005

some acoustic?

I saw that someone earlier posted some acoustic U2 songs and they were great.
Is anyone else willing to post more?
I really love acoustic music (especially u2).
thanx in advance to anyone.
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Whoa whoa, back the truck up

I just saw on the previous entry a picture of Bono on stage with Steven Tyler and some other people. The only part of the Grammys I watched was the U2 performance. What was this performance Bono did with those other singers?

Does anyone have a clip of it?
Twitchy Winky

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ok so yeah. being as i was not home for the Grammy's (i know! gasp! it's horrible!) the recording my mom made for me does not even have half the show on it (damn commercials). I only got to see U2 perform once and recieve none of their awards.


i was wondering does anyone know of a place where i could view the second performance and or any of their award acceptances?