February 17th, 2005

A Question

Would anyone happen to have any or all of the slane castle concert dvd in mp3's? I would be forver greatful. It was such an amazing concert i really would like to have the music. if you do have it could you email it to me or post it here? thanx tons!
email= jcavallio@ut.edu

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Hey, would any of you happen to have a live performance mp3 of Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me from PopMart tour? Also, if anyone has a live performance mp3 of Discotheque from PopMart tour also, I'd be forever in your debt.
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Across the Universe - 2005 Grammys

Can anybody help with some musician identification?

I just downloaded Across the Universe from iTunes. I can recognize Bono of course, and I think I hear Paul McCartney, which would be fitting? But can anybody type up who sang what part? I've got the lyrics... It was amazing how some did well... and others... just fell flat, IMO.

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Speaking of iTunes... can anybody tell me for sure that The Corr's When the Stars Go Blue has Bono? I would assume it does, but I don't want to download the song to find out it's a version sung when he wasn't present...

EDIT: Regarding the Corrs... I didn't realize it was a one time thing. I saw live in the description and thought it was a concert version from on the road. *feels silly*
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