February 21st, 2005

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In regards to the upcoming Vertigo Tour taken from The Mirror:

While the Elevation tour was about getting back to basics, the Vertigo tour will be about spectacle. A source has revealed to The Mirror that U2’s tour will employ five or six video screens, a huge sound system twice that of the Elevation tour, more than 3,000 lights (probably 2,000 will light Bono alone), and — get this! — special effects throughout each show designed by some of the world’s top magicians. Images of Larry being sawed in half and Edge pulling a rabbit out of his beanie are popping into our head.

All of this spectacle will come to us fans at great expense to the band. It will cost a reported EUR 1million (US $1.3 million) a night to stage the show.

That sounds neat, don't you guys agree?

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Hey everyone!

I am going to be doing a biography project on Bono for my speech class. I need biographical info on him, which I can easily find, but I also need to find a speech he has made. I figured with all his charity work, and stuff, he must have done some kind of positive speech. Anyone know where I could find one? And what would be the most important highlights to include in the biography?

Thanks so much!
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Heh, I just read a recent post on this community, and someone's giving a speech on Bono. Well, tomorrow I've to give a presentation on him.

I need your help too... I'd like to know what y'all think of his:

1) Admirable qualities and decisions
2) Philosophies, historical events or human beings that were a major influence
3) Personal conflicts or personality traits which caused difficulties
4) Personal obstacles which were overcome and influences which helped overcome these obstacles
5) Major mistakes and personal resolutions.

For the last one I'd say his drinking and smoking habits. He used to drink a lot during the JT era, and it became a problem in his house. I think Ali even kicked him out. Smoking damaged his throat, he even considered quitting his singing career. Didn't he stop smoking for a while?
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To answer the question "is Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own a single in North America?"

I've noticed a number of people have been discussing Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own - namely why it was performed at the Grammy's and that some US radio stations are playing it despite the fact All Because Of You is the current North American single. Well, I thought I would clear up the matter once and for all, especially as there seems to have been no official news yet from the U2 camp themselves.

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One last tidbit of information: word on the street is that the next HTDAAB single, which will be the 25th anniversary single, will be City Of Blinding Lights. No surprises there, as Bono has introduced it live by saying how it relates to the band heading to both London and New York as youngsters to get a record deal and break through. Keep in mind this is celebrating the 25th anniversary of U2's partnership with Island Records, which began on 23 May 1980 with the release of the 11 O'clock Tick Tock single, and that gives weight to the rumours that the b-side for the 25th anniversary single will be a re-recorded 11 O'clock Tick Tock (and possibly even Touch). This would also make it appear likely for 11 O'clock Tick Tock to appear at some point on tour - I'm going to hold onto that hope as it is my favourite U2 song.
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Bono and the Peace Prize

Lately, there've been a lot of shots taken at Bono for his being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize... most of them have been nothing more than character attacks but I have to say: I do enjoy when the wittier critics point out that he didn't actually dismantle an atomic bomb.