March 7th, 2005

The Yoda

For Pete's sake!!

What time does the damn presale start?! Which dates go with which presale?! I leave for work NOW and have to ask off my time for tomorrow, and I can't check my internet there. I thought we were supposed to know that information last night, according to the first email we got.

Sheesh. How annoying.
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snape <3 Lily


I don't think this has been posted yet... but its getting to that time, so here it is...

Is anyone planning on attending the induction at the Rock and roll hall of fame next Monday...

I am making the trek up from Pittsburgh and just wanted to see if anyone else was...
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It's running for 5 days, that's 8 people each day, so I have a one in 40 chance...

probably have a better chance of contracting syphilis. But stilllllll!

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To Confirm an Earlier Post About the World Bank

Bono World Bank candidature not ruled out

07 March 2005 14:56
US Treasury Secretary John Snow has said he would not rule out the idea of Bono making the shortlist of potential candidates to head the World Bank.

However, an American is expected to get the job.

The U2 frontman, who has campaigned for international debt relief for poor nations, was nominated to replace the outgoing President, James Wolfensohn, by the Los Angeles Times newspaper.

Mr Snow said he admired Bono for his good work in the economic world.

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New here

hello fellow U2 fans... I'm Richard from Southern California. I'm a huge U2 fan!! they certainly changed my life. I'm excited to join this community. I know beginning March 28th this community will be very active. I will be attending the 2nd show at Staples Center in Los Angeles with a friend. Hope to see you some of you there, maybe. Comments?


Email for Presale people

Today U2 have announced details of 33 more shows in North America
between September and December this year.

As explained in our email on Friday, as a U2.Com subscriber who has not
yet used your code to buy tickets for the 'Vertigo//2005 Tour' this
email contains your unique presale code which will enable you to buy two
tickets for any one show for the Fall leg.


(You will also find your code in the red box on the right hand side of
the home page of the Subscribers site when you log in.)

There will be two sets of presales.
Wednesday March 9th - Thursday March 10th
Wednesday March 16th - Thursday March 17th

Each day, presales run from 10am to 10pm local time.

At the end of this email is a list of the 33 Fall shows indicating which
shows are included in which presales and a list of FAQ's on the presale.
Once you know what show you want to buy tickets for, make sure to check
the schedule to learn which presale to take part in.

Follow this link to Ticketmaster to buy your tickets (all events will be
listed before the presales begin).

As explained earlier, we have worked to improve the presale system to
look after former subscribers to the U2 magazine 'Propaganda' and those
U2.Com Subscribers who have not yet been able to buy tickets for the

This will still be on a first come, first served basis and though we
can't guarantee that you will get the ticket you're looking for, this new
system should enable as many subscribers as possible to get tickets for
the new shows.

Thanks again for your support, see you on the road

Best wishes The U2.Com Team.

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By the way, given the fact that I just received that e-mail a moment ago, I'm wondering if there was anyone else who had used their presale code on the first leg, but also got the e-mail (i.e., it went to everyone). Don't want to get my hopes up...