March 8th, 2005


For those without presale codes

I'm so happy for those who have got their tickets for the fall tour! How exciting!

I am studying in NYC in the fall, so that means I will get to see my first U2 show since becoming a huge fan back in 2002. But, because I'm in college, I definitely couldn't afford to buy a $40 membership, so I have no presale code. Here's my question: When are tickets going on sale for the fall for those without any presale codes? I think it's on Saturday, but TM's website is a bit confusing I guess.

Thanks for the help....I can't wait to see them finally!
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A plea for help

Last month, I had what i'm referring to as a "catastrophic hardware failure." I lost my 200 gig drive that was home to all my MP3s. As I was re-ripping I started in on my 2 books of U2 albums and bootlegs and realized I had everything... except for the 4 fruit remix albums I had. =(

Does anyone know where I can obtain copies of Banana, Grapes, Mango, and Melon? I hate to bug the community with such a small thing, but I enjoyed them immensly and now they are gone.


Ok sorry for all of the questions that will follow but I am home for my spring break and haven't been glued to the internet like i usually am sooo. I haven't seen anything about the new presale and I have a code to use. I tried buying tickets for dc and tampa but they say its not on sale till tomorrow 3/9. However i saw someone posted that they got ticktes already?! Can someone explain the system this time around to me? I am entering my old presale code so I don't know if they reissued new ones?
Thanks a million.
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HTDMAAB singles

Hello Fellow fans,

I'm interested in purchesing the singles from the new album-I think there are three out now-but I don't have a ton of money. I've looked on the website but it seems the prices there are sky high. I was wondering if any one had suggest as to where to look to get the singles for a cheaper price?

Also, are all the third leg dates and sale times announced as of now or do they plan to announce more dates? Good luck to those with pre-sale codes who didn't get tickets before! I send you happy, lucky ticket vibes!

Three weeks until kick off! woohoo U2 magic.
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Interested in Madison Garden Shows and Cleveland Show

Ok. I'm a poor rat and cant afford membership, but would absolutely die if I missed this tour (been the biggest fan I know since I was five years old and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me), so when do tix go on sale for the four shows mentioned to the general public and what are approximate prices? Please, anyone?
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Just because I feel like..begging.... if anyone happens to nto want their code for the Atlanta show on November 18th I'd be more than happy to relieve you of it :)

Otherwise I'll fight with everyone else. lol
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Lennon NYC

(no subject)

When does the official sale start for NYC Oct. dates???

Also,, if anyone wants to be really nice and let me buy a good ticket, (preferrably GA) for Oct. 8th Or Oct. 10th from them I would be more than happy to pay, plus postage and ticketmaster charges!

I am also looking for a spare SLC ticket.....

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I am completly frustrated!
My sister offered last time around to buy me the subscription and pay for my tickets for the concert. We were going to get tickets to one of the philly shows in may buuut we never ended up getting anything. Anyway i will be in Tampa at school when they come around again and i would like to go to the concert in Tampa and now she is getting mad because she won't be able to go. Also if she does go I don't know if she will want GA's. She isnt a die hard fan like myself and I also think she is wary of being on the fllor in a massive group of people. So has anyone been to a show and been in GA? Could you tell me about your experience? (ie. any pushing or shoving?)
thanks tons.
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Vancouver U2spotting

So I hear it's pretty much confirmed that U2's spending this week rehearsing at Vancouver's General Motors Place. True or not? If true, any idea whether anyone's being permitted to watch the rehearsals? Anyone been successfully U2spotting in downtown Vancouver over this week? :D

On a related note, anyone have any experience acquiring backstage passes to concerts?


I am so excited with all of this "Tour Talk". I can't wait for it to kick off and to hear all of the U2 stories and experiences people have!!
I really hope everyone posts about the concerts they go to.
Anyone else feel the same way?!!
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